Photo Gallery Pro: Exploit the Power of Images

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Customers can assess the quality of your products in just few ways: through descriptions, images, prices… Actually, that’s all they have. Knowing this, each merchant should use this narrow set of tools most advantageously.

In this line images stand apart from other options as they have a direct relation to actual products and persuade customers much better. So, here appears the assumption that images are the first area you should explore and improve in order to get more conversions.

Note: 92.6% of people consider visuals to be the top influential factor affecting a purchase decision. Source: GetElastic.

The more images your product has, the more chances appear to sell it. It is rather natural from the point of the customer psychology and confirmed by relevant stats, e.g. offering multiple product views and alternative images lead to 58% more sales, according to VoucherCloud.

The Photo Gallery Pro Magento extensionThe takeaway we get here is that customers like to browse images and purchase with them, but you definitely should arrange and display them properly.

The Photo Gallery Pro from our partners just makes the thing you need and allows you to handsomely add multiple images to your products or other pages.

Frontend Functionality

Advanced UX
Of course, related product images are the biggest benefit provided by this extension, but you can also use it for multiple other purposes. The module is able to add numerous image albums to your site and greatly enhance the overall design of your Magento store.

You can also demonstrate your products or any other images on separate pages and improve the user experience on your site. Each photo or album can be accompanied by relevant descriptions and appealing names, what makes albums starting points for upcoming purchases in corresponding product categories.

Photo Galleries

Photo Galleries

Image sliders, available with this extension, open even more opportunities for attractive displaying of photos in slideshows.

Personal Approach
Your images and albums can be targeted to certain customers and, in this way, provide them with only relevant content. This feature is also beneficial for merchants, as they can select store views for photos and albums, hide them from guests, and display photos to necessary customer groups, what allows them to provide personal shopping experience.

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    New POS Integration Smartly Automates Data Exchanges

    March 3rd, 2015 No comments

    The same like multiple devices erase the difference between real and virtual worlds, our shopping experience is gradually becoming an integrated practice, which naturally combines purchasing both in online and physical stores.

    Today many online retailers establish brick-and-mortar stores, while most owners of physical stores have already expanded their brands and sales online through actual sales or promotions, at least. As a result, omni channel retailing is now the most trending approach to the consumer shopping experience.

    Naturally, these changes need to rely on a corresponding technical background and have actual possibilities to implement them. Now, Magento store owners has a great opportunity to integrate their POS software and web store into one synergistic system effective both online and in stores.

    The POS Integration Magento extension

    The POS Integration Magento extension provided by our partners streamlines the data exchange and allows it to flow both from Magento to POS and back easily.

    Main Functionality

    The main benefit provided by this extension is that it synchronizes data in your Magento store and POS system, so you always operate a relevant information.

    Most importantly, the module synchronizes your inventory and actually eliminates a chance to sell out of stock or currently processed items. This way, customers will always get the products they purchased and never complain about a poor service.

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      Help Desk Ultimate 3.3 Reveals Your Customers’ Attitude

      February 25th, 2015 No comments

      Someone may say that ecommerce is all about plentiful sales, but you should clearly realize that the basic reason for the success is the customer-centric approach and personalization.

      According to the latest Econsultancy’s survey, the most exciting opportunity for this year is customer experience. 22% of marketers rank it as the top chance in 2015 and in next five years.

      And who is the main generator of the perfect customer experience in your store? Of course, it is your support or customer service team. But, a careful attitude to your customers is impossible without some sophisticated tools, which help to reflect your care through a reliable and correct processing of multiple support tickets and customers’ appeals.

      The Help Desk Ultimate extension for Magento

      Now, you have that solution – Help Desk Ultimate from aheadWorks. Actually, multiple Magento merchants have already tried and appreciated it, but now it is better than ever before. Here it comes, Help Desk Ultimate 3.3.

      New Features

      Ticket Ratings
      Further enhancing the excellence of customer service we added to the module an opportunity to rate tickets and the quality of the obtained support.

      In addition to the ability of direct dissatisfaction expressions using the Escalate ticket button, now they can rate the quality of the provided help. Customers are able to provide their own sincere attitude and change it anytime they like during the ticket processing or after its resolution.

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        Magento Online User Guides

        February 24th, 2015 No comments

        Magento continues to improve consumer service standards and recently provided users with HTML User Guides for Community and Enterprise Editions.

        A few months ago we highlighted new Magento Community User Guide and its great new features. Today we’d like to tell several words about the new format of guides presented by the Magento content department in HTML.

        Magento HTML User Guides

        Magento HTML User Guides

        Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition online user guides have some nice advantages over the PDF documents that preceded the novelty. Now you can refer to Magento User Guides via your browser and experience all the perks available online.

        Responsive Layout

        The guides have three display modes specially designed for desktops, notebooks, and smartphones. So, you can browse them on any device without any distractions. The only difference is that on desktops the navigation sidebar appears on the left, while on notebooks and smartphones it is hidden.

        Advanced Navigation and Search

        The main convenience of the HTML versions appears when you fall to the navigation, which is now much easier and comfortable. Navigation options are just multiple, but let’s get started from the very beginning.

        The left navigation sidebar comprises three dedicated tabs: Contents, Index, and Glossary. The Content tab logically displays all Magento topics grouped by the functionality areas. If this is you first journey through Magento, start it just here. For a consistent trip use the “next” and “previous” buttons in the upper-right corner of all pages.

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          Payment Methods Used in Our Store

          February 20th, 2015 No comments

          Online payments increase exponentially each year and are expected to reach 2 trillion not later than in 2016, according to eMarketer.

          It’s a huge amount of money transferred via the internet by millions of people worldwide and a tidbit for scammers. So, in order to feel safe about their transactions customers require an outstanding security from merchants, which is totally reasonable.

          For our part, being a completely online-based business, aheadWorks also pays much attention to the transactions security and payment convenience.

          We offer our shoppers multiple still totally safe payment methods in our store, so you can be confident about your transactions and payment credentials. This post reveals all possible ways you can use to pay our products.

          The scope of provided payments methods covers almost all countries and multiple currencies, so you can purchase our extensions and themes from anywhere and on any device using your most convenient and trusted payment methods.

          Direct Card Processing

          Direct Card Payment
          This a standard option used by the overwhelming majority of online merchants, which transfers money to our bank directly. Actually, when you enter your credit card credentials, you just use the interface of the payment processor provided by our servicing bank.

          This payment method is absolutely secured and suitable for most customers as it processes Visa and MasterCard. The main advantage of this method is that customers are not redirected to any third-party pages and make their purchases without leaving our store. The sensitive payment data goes instantly to our bank and is not collected by any transaction parties.

          Braintree is another payment method provided at our checkout, which is a payment service given by an American company. On September 26, 2013 Braintree was acquired by eBay for US $800 million.

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            New Flexible Bundle Product – Full Control Over the Bundle Creation

            February 18th, 2015 No comments

            The lifelong task of each business is to sell more products, but the ways we choose to accomplish it may differ greatly.

            However, the most obvious solution for selling more lies just on the surface. We can offer sets of products instead of single items. Bundle products do not only increase your revenue, but usually are highly valued by customers, as they can generate specific item sets suitable exactly for individual shoppers. Furthermore, some products are sold in bundles and no other way.

            The Flexible Bundle Product Magento extension

            So, in order to streamline the process of selecting and purchasing bundle products you can beneficially use the Flexible Bundle Product extension from our partners.

            Main Functionality

            Flexible Bundle Products allows you to totally control bundle product sales and send customers to the items you want. Wherein, customers obtain a smooth shopping experience and you get an opportunity to sell slow-moving items in the best manner.

            The module displays bundle preview images, which highlight the chosen products and let customers control the whole process of the purchase. The layered navigation functionality allows customers to select necessary products and start the process faster. In order to make customers’ choice self-conscious you can also add useful hints to the suggested items.

            Bundle Product Preview

            Bundle Product Preview

            At each stage of the bundle creation customers can edit all included products as well as later in the shopping cart in just one click. Customers can also add bundle products to their wishlists and review them later, since all bundle items are displayed with thumbnails and descriptions both in wishlists and shopping carts, the same as at the checkout.

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              2015 eCommerce Landscape Predictions

              February 17th, 2015 1 comment

              Editor’s note: Find out what will shape the eСommerce landscape this year. Get to know the technical and marketing driving forces that will bring change to the market in 2015. This guest post is provided by Alex Plotnikov, a marketing manager at

              2015 is going to be an exciting year for eCommerce. As online sales grow each day, the number of online merchants and providers increases exponentially. The force that shapes the market — the consumer – will be the main driver of changes, and some technical advances and even limitations will play a huge role in the development of eCommerce.

              People Love Mobile and Google Will Make Sure that You Do Too

              Google notifies: “pages will not be seen as mobile-friendly by Google Search”

              This January Google warned a huge number of websites without mobile-friendly interfaces that they will lose their page rankings, in case if they do not update their design. This is a pretty strong message, which shouldn’t be taken lightly. Search traffic is the primary source of income for most eCommerce websites (especially local ones) and they will do everything possible to accommodate this requirement.

              We’ll probably see more website makeovers than in 2013 and 2014 combined, when Google just “scared” websites with Panda and Penguin updates. If you haven’t receive this warning, then you probably will, later on. But, if I were an eCommerce business, developer or service provider, I would definitely start thinking about the redesign of my website ASAP.

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