Chinese Ecommerce Market and the Magento’s Niche Within It

This article starts our Ecommerce Markets Overview series, where we’ll evaluate most promising local ecommerce markets and consider Magento perspectives within them.

Ecommerce Market in China

Ecommerce Market Volume

Our first destination is China – the biggest and one of the most rapidly growing ecommerce markets in the world. According to eMarketer, online spending in China will reach one trillion dollars in 2018. Compare, the US online retail market will just exceed 500 billion dollars by that year.

Online spending in China will reach one trillion dollars in 2018

Forrester says that this success will be possible including because of the booming extension of mobile applications used for purchasing by Chinese consumers. All dominating local b2c online operators, including Alibaba and, recently increased their mobile sales rates considerably and surpass the same rates of their US counterparts.

Furthermore, according to Forbes, have recently partnered with WeChat, the biggest chat service in China with 468 million active users monthly, which will certainly make mobile sales in China even more accessible.

Chinese Ecommerce Market Specifics

The main peculiarity of the Chinese online market is that its astonishing growth doesn’t oppress brick and mortar sales, while just pushes the overall commercial activity. Online sales generate incremental consumption within the national economy and shape a new shopping behavior characterized by the combination of online and offline purchasing paths.

Automatic Related Products for Shopify: Great Moment for Decent Promotional Content

Customers always appreciate wise and relevant product suggestions, thus you need to consider both the content and moment of your related product promotions.

Automatic Related Products for Shopify

Depending on the objectives pursued the content of related products is commonly based on two general types:

  • Natural Supplements – supplementing products, which make the use of the main product more efficient, convenient or just possible;
  • Usual Additions – supplements commonly used with the main product as a result of individual habits or collective behavior.

The above products usually follow the main item and the same does the customers’ purchasing behavior. Firstly, customers choose or even purchase required products and just later recollect the need to get something in addition.

Automatic Related Products New Functionality

So, on this shopping path your related products have to remain in the immediate vicinity for a customer, what is exactly the thing provided by the newest features of the Automatic Related Products application.

Shopping Cart Promo

From now on, related products are also displayed in customers’ shopping carts allowing them to complete their purchases with additional still necessary items.

And, here you can suggest both closely related to the main item products or just bestsellers approved by the majority of your customers.

Related Products in the Shopping Cart

Related Products in the Shopping Cart

Shop By Brand 1.4 Creates and Fills Brands Automatically

Selling by brands is a time-tested approach in ecommerce contained by default in most platforms, including Magento, and used by numerous grand companies, including Amazon.

Shop By Brands

Multiple functionality extensions push this functionality forward and make website Shop By sections real art pieces of usability and design. Still, with the development of e-trade more and more cases appear aimed at reduced costs and time savings. Namely this kind of inquiry gave life to the new version of our Shop By Brand Magento extension.

Automatic Brands Creation by Products’ Attributes

Shop By Brand 1.4 is refined with the ability to automatically create brands by certain product attributes and assign products to them.

It’s one-click functionality located in the Shop By Brand configuration section available for Magento admins both under System -> Configuration -> Shop By Brand -> Auto Generate or Catalog -> Shop By Brand -> Settings -> Auto Generate.

Auto Generate Functionality

Auto Generate Functionality

The functionality is especially useful in two generic cases.

SARP 2.2 Gets a Powerful Notification System

The benefits of recurring sales are closely considered in our previous posts and we highly recommend you to try on this revenue model.

Without exaggeration, we think that it is suitable for most product lines and can be advantageous for both, sellers and customers.

SARP Email Notification System

To streamline the process of selling subscription products we consistently improve and complement the functionality provided by our Subscriptions and Recurring Payments Magento extension.

SARP 2.2 New Features

The newest version of SARP got an advanced and powerful notification system able to inform customers and responsible employees on recent most important event updates.

The current version of the SARP extension is also more stable, when working with PayPal providing the fully automated recurring profiles synchronization.

Email Notifications

Located under Subscriptions –> Email Notifications the functionality allows Magento admins to create an infinite number of notification patterns.

The Notification Details section includes next compulsory fields:

  • Name – specifies the unique name of the notification;
  • Status – disables or enables the notification;
  • Event Type – determines the events, which trigger notification emails. It currently includes five options: New profile created, Profile Status Changed, New order created, Profile expired, Next payment;
  • Recipient – appoints email recipients, including Customer, General Contact, Sales Representative, Support, etc.;
  • Store – determines stores/store views for email notifications.

aheadWorks Magento 2 Extensions Embrace an Advanced Approach

With the advent of Magento 2 aheadWorks proclaims a new advanced approach to the development, support, and enhancement of our products. We are achieving this by means of three basic tenets.

Magento 2 Extensions

Magento 2 Extensions Advanced Approach

Ahead-of-the-curve Functionality

The first batch of Magento 2 extensions is largely inspired by our customers and we plan to make this approach traditional. With this in mind, we added some questions to our demo store tutorials and this way want to encourage you to contribute to the functionality and design of our products.

Our cooperation is the most effective way to build right Magento extensions

We believe that our cooperation is the most effective and beneficial way to build right Magento extensions covering real ecommerce needs and welcome everyone to exchange views and ideas.

Products to Run a Business, not Just a Store

Daily use of our products by numerous store owners and customers made us to carefully consider the Magento administration processes and make them time saving and intuitive.

We consciously put backend usability at the forefront and implement the most straightforward workflows in the operational logic of our modules. This way, our extensions avoid excessive actions, repeated steps, and vague interface.

We consciously put usability at the forefront

We press for seamless learnability and memorability of our products due to intuitive layout and handy navigation allowing Magento admins to easily accomplish their daily tasks.

Easily Customizable Solutions

And finally, as soon as you need to customize some of our products, we do our best to make this process largely unobstructed.

We develop our modules compliant with Magento 2 extension development guidelines in terms of coding standards, architecture, packaging, and integration abilities. Our extensions are based on the scalable architecture and thoroughly commented clean code.

We do our best to make customizations unobstructed

Magento 2 Extension product packages also include the dedicated development documentation designed to streamline the process of customization.

Pioneering Magento 2 Extensions by aheadWorks

Our pioneer extensions, Follow Up Email and Advanced Reports, embrace the mentioned above principles and open the aheadWorks Magento 2 portfolio.

Follow the tutorials in demo stores to evaluate the functionality, design and business logic of the extensions and leave your feedback. We really appreciate it.

The Follow Up Email Magento 2 extensionFollow Up Email

Follow Up Email is one of those time-tested tools, which brings your relations with customers to the new level. Triggered emails are closely related to the customers’ activity and deliver only accurate and timely information.

Follow Up Email events are repeatedly approved by live online stores and modern business logic. All the provided events are grouped under Marketing -> Follow Up Email by aheadWorks -> Events.

Each event reflects potentially beneficial occasions for email marketing able to create new conversions. Event sections feature email templates to be used in certain cases. By default, Follow Up Email offers you a collection of ready-to-use predefined templates and useful hints added to each section.

Back to School Contest Results

Most pupils and students have started their studies and now it’s a good time to finish all entertainments and sum up our competition started previous Tuesday.

Just to bring you back to the terms of the contest we remind you that we asked our readers to create some real (existing) words out of the acronyms of elements from our Periodic Table.

We can definitely say that it was a pretty difficult task, since we also tried to compose some words. The best our results were invariably made of maximum three elements, despite of our honest efforts. So, imagine our astonishment, when we received a word including four table elements. Here is the word:

Contest Results


Missus = M + Is + S + Us = Multishipping + Image Slider + Sociable + Ultimate SEO Suite

The author of this combination receives an aheadWorks Magento extension of his choice with the basic support period for free. Congratulations!

But, we also decided to award other participants of the contest with a bit shorter variants. They also receive any aheadWorks Magento extension absolutely free of charge.

Other Winners

Carrot = Ca + Rr + Ot = Customer Attributes + Review Rotator + Order Tags

Grass = Gr + As + S = GeoIP Redirect + Advanced Search + Sociable

We’d like to thank you all the participants and hope that you liked the contest and happy with the prizes.

P.S. For us personally this contest was a great occasion to remember our school years and feel nostalgic about the hilarious childhood. Hope that something similar happened to you too.

Add your comments below, please.

Second Meet Magento Romania will Continue for Two Days

Continue the word chain: Southeastern Europe, Romania, Transylvania, computer geeks… Right, Cluj-Napoca.


Cluj-Napoca is considered to be the Romanian’s technopolis hosting multiple successful IT companies, including Magento-oriented inhabitants. So, it is no wonder that Meet Magento Romania is helding here for the second time.

aheadWorks traditionally offers you to save using the coupon code provided by the organizers of Meet Magento Romania 2015. Keep calm and stay till the end. :)

Meet Magento Romania 2015

This year it’s going to be a two-day conference and organizers expect to involve 50% more participants than in 2014 both from Romania and world-wide. It’s a great number, especially when we take into account that the first edition attracted 300+ attendees.