Meet Magento Vietnam 2015: Responsible Contribution to the Community

For many years we witness the new steps of Magento on the path of its own development and expansion. The platform provides the community with strong incentives, while the community perfects the platform and gladly uses its advantages.

This symbiosis allows Magento to constantly rich new countries and proselytize multiple users, including Vietnam now. In less than one month the first Vietnamese Meet Magento conference will take place in Hanoi.

And, in anticipation of Meet Magento Vietnam 2015 we asked ourselves: “What do we know about this country?” Vietnam is one of a few single-party socialist states, one of the most opened and growing Asian economies, and an exotic tourist destination.

Meet Magento Vietnam 2015

These common facts mostly form our picture of Vietnam, but seem to be too poor to describe it properly. So, we asked the organizers of the conference (SmartOSC) and particularly Nguyen Hieu, SmartOSC co-founder and chairman, to share main news about the event and their expertise of modern Vietnam and its ecommerce.

In addition to the first-hand information the organizers provide us with a great chance to visit Meet Magento Vietnam 2015 and save. Below we feature a discount code, which guarantees a 20% discount applicable to 10 foreign ticket requests. So, keep reading.

Digital Marketing Focus Points 2015

Digital marketing is constantly searching for the most effective areas of application, beneficial tactics, and techniques, since the customers flow is extremely mobile running from one medium to another, preferring one or another way of communication.

Digital Marketing Focus Points

So, today marketers should firmly keep abreast of the latest changes and most effective methods of gaining new visitors and keeping current customers happy. Below, we offer some valuable techniques, which seem to have a great potential for digital marketing.

The best thing about them that all they are entirely in your hands and their success depends on you completely.


It may sound unusual or even intimidating, but the more transparent your company looks for customers, the more trust they get to your products and brand. In fact, customers react positively to everything sincere and open-hearted, including brand transparency.

Honesty and integrity are by far the most important assets of an entrepreneur. – Zig Ziglar

A great example of that is the promotional campaign made by McDonald’s in order to make their products and services close to customers. Within the promotional initiative “Our Food. Your Questions.” they truthfully answer customers’ questions about their meals and cooking technology.

Magento 2 Demo

In our previous post we wrote about the changes that Magento 2 brought to the backend and frontend interface, and now you can explore them with your own eyes in our Magento 2 demo store.

The frontend of each store largely depends on the implemented theme, configuration and integrated extensions and can be surprisingly different from the default view. In our demo store we tried to mainly keep unchanged the default user interface to let you have an idea of the starting point you approach right after the installation.

Magento Welcome

As for the backend interface it is more static and you’ll be able to recognize the Magento 2 admin area on any store you ever visit.

Magento 2 Demo Store Backend

The first striking change of the Magento 2 backend is the changed color scheme provided for Magento admins. The blue-to-gray palette of Magento 1.x is changed to more contrast fields and blocks in black and white.

Magento Future Development (Educated Guess)

Through the years of the Magento market share investigation, we collected a significant data amount, which is interesting to be interpreted as a trend. We believe that this data is able to explain the way Magento is now going and its farther perspectives.

By 2012 and the start of our studies Magento gained its greatest popularity, according to Google Trends. So, our first blog post on the topic indicated that Magento CE had almost 25% of the market share. Since then, its share fluctuates around this mark rising or descending due to the specific circumstances of each investigation, but didn’t change considerably.

Diagram 1. Magento Market Share Dynamics

Magento Market Share Dynamics

Anyway, the fact remains: Magento takes one quarter of the ecommerce platforms market share for 3 years running. It is great since Magento keeps its leadership in a highly competitive and dynamic market.

Ecommerce Platform Shares Study Retrospection

Let’s see the changes, which accompanied the stability of Magento in this period.

Diagram 2. Top 5 Ecommerce Solutions Market Share Dynamics

Top 5 Ecommerce Solutions Market Share Dynamics


The top five ecommerce platforms by the market share in 2012 were the following: Magento CE, Zen Cart, VirtueMart, osCommerce, PrestaShop. Some of them originate from 90-s and are real veterans in the market at this time. As you can see, all of them are open-source downloadable software.

This year is actually the initial stage of development for WooCommerce, an open-source ecommerce plugin for WordPress. Next three years it will make an incredible spurt and stand on a par with Magento in 2015.


Top five sites are still the same, but the balance changes: Magento, PrestaShop, VirtueMart, Zen Cart; osCommerce. This year Zen Cart loses more than others – 56% of the market share and rolls down to the fourth position, while PrestaShop grows considerably (+25%).

Outside the top five we can also notice some moves, where the Shopify’s growth by 50% forces competitors to turn their heads in its direction.

MagentoLive UK 2015: Presentations Overview

The UK has the biggest online market share worldwide in 2014 – 13.5%, and expected to reach 15.2% in 2015. (Source: And, Magento is one of most popular shopping cart technologies there.

British online merchants widely and effectively use Magento Community and Enterprise editions and willingly share their sophisticated ecommerce experience.

Magento Live UK 2015

In our post we highlight some picked presentations from MagentoLive UK 2015 (from both local and international speakers) and provide you with the announcement of Meet Magento Vietnam 2015, the first ever Meet Magento conference in Asia. So, be sure to reach the cover.

MagentoLive UK 2015 Picked Presentations

How to Create a Persuasive Customer Journey

Kath PayKath Pay, Marketing Director, Cloud.IQ
Kath is an internationally renowned speaker and trainer. She is recognized as the UK’s leading Email Marketer and heads up training for eConsultancy on Personalization and Email Marketing. Presentation / Video

According to the presentation, unconscious decisions determine much of our behavior.  So, marketers should build their campaigns largely on this consideration. In her presentation, Kath describes some driving forces of human conduct and highlights the examples of their successful use.

People tend to appreciate reciprocity while communicating with merchants. For example, if you want visitors to sign up to your newsletter, it would be wise to offer them a discount or other tangible in exchange for time and loyalty. Still, the process should be pretty easy and not embarrassing. The form should include only several compulsory fields, and other fields should be optional.

Cognitive Ease
As far as most of us are quite lazy, we need an explicit guidance through actions, because it is much easier to follow recommendations rather than to go for a bumpy ride.

Marketer should always lead customers to actions, which is a good start for great customer journeys. So, use visual clues widely.

Loss Aversion
Most of people prefer avoiding losses more than gaining any benefits. Marketing incentives like “the last 10 items left” or “only one day left”, greatly influence buyers and make them complete their purchases.

New Magento International Shipping: Sell Worldwide Competently

Selling internationally is an ambitious aim and difficult task simultaneously. On the one hand you can enter the vast market and skyrocket your sales, but on the other hand you will have to enter terra incognita for your business full of new requirements and local regulations.


Launching international sales requires a lot of time, specific knowledge, and necessary software. The whole process, since payments to shipping, is to be organized almost from scratch due to the specifics of global trading.

International shipping options and costs, international package insurance, customs fees, duties and taxes, international returns, transactions security, etc. – all these makes many merchants postpone their plans for the conquest of the international market.

You should consider many things at a time:

  • Not all products are suitable for international trading. Heavy and big items are most likely too expensive for shipping and not able to create proper competition to domestic traders;
  • Some products are simply prohibited for importing in certain countries;
  • Shipping costs of international carriers may differ from country to country drastically. So, you should estimate final costs of your products in different countries and avoid shipping to wittingly unprofitable destinations, and etc.

But, there is always a way to reduce that burden using innovative solutions able to take over some of your sophisticated duties. The Pitney Bowes shipping services are able to provide your customers with economical fully-landed shipping rates, including all duties, taxes, and brokerage to 60+ countries worldwide. This way, integrational customers get the rates and transparency comparable to local terms of shipment.

Sales Gamification: Beneficial Mix of Business and Fun

Selling online becomes more and more complicated, and it is not always about the sophisticated and ruthless competition. Often, it’s about the lack of unique shopping experience and fun.


In most cases, offline shopping is entertainment and customers want to have fun online, as well. Digital games are the greatest gain of the virtual world and their power of engagement is not yet completely used in ecommerce and gamification is one of the ways to leverage their impact on sales.

There are several definitions of gamification, but most of them converge in one interpretation. Gamification is the way to intensify users’ engagement and contribution through the application of game playing principles (personal or team scoring, competition, badging, etc.) in non-game areas.

This is a both-sides advantageous technique usually implemented in marketing, personnel management, education, competitive intelligence, market researches and online sales, of course. Usually gamification is used in conjunction with loyalty programs and other promotional tools.

Gamification Advantages

  • Engagement. Engagement is the main advantage of gamification and can be numerically measured in visitors, sessions, page views, etc., which is very important to determine its effectiveness.
  • Motivation. Providing clear goals and explaining the ways to achieve them gamification intensifies efforts and make customers to get involved. And, the competition with other participants makes this process even more exciting.
  • Influence. Defining game rules you can directly manage both the results and ways of their achievement. You can set up own milestones and final targets, e.g. ask for more sales, visits, or other leads, and make the game suitable just for you. This also makes gamification a universal tool, applicable to different online stores.