Starting an Online Store on Shopify? We Can Help.

Starting a new business is always difficult and we know that in this first step any help is needed.

aheadWorks Shopify Startup Program

So, here at aheadWorks we have launched the Startup program for beginners in the team of Shopify store owners. This program allows you to take advantage of free extended trial periods for our apps and get some expert technical consulting or advice on best business practices from our development and support teams.

Program terms

In order to join the program you need to have a new Shopify store and very little experience in ecommerce.

In this case, we are glad to offer you:

  • 9 month free trial periods of our Shopify extensions (or even longer on request);
  • Free technical consulting and business support.

Why do we do this

The Startup program is a two-way road and we are planning to get something from you as well.

Firstly, we’d like to get some feedback from you regarding our applications functionality and the ways you utilyze it. We plan to feature these success stories in our blog posts and via social media.

Secondly, we invite you to take part in our product surveys and make our applications better through your practical experience and primary expectations.


If you find our Startup program suitable and valuable, you can join it easily in our Shopify applications store. Just fill the form and let us know that you need some help to create a great successful online store on Shopify.

Meet Magento Italy, MagentoLive France and Other Events in 2016

As always this year the Magento community provides its members with numerous opportunities for communication and networking.

Meet Magento Italy 2016

There is nothing better serving this purpose than different dedicated Magento and ecommerce events around the globe sharing our mutual views and aspirations. So, below we offer you some really noteworthy possibilities to meet friends and present your companies during some incredible local and international conferences devoted to Magento or ecommerce in general.

The season starts already in February with MagentoLive France, continues in March with Meet Magento Italy and goes further until the end of the year. This year you’ll be able to attend either commercial or developers meetings, find answers to burning questions and open new business horizons.

New and Free Low Stock Alert for Shopify

Selling online is gradually becoming more and more difficult. The reasons for this are multiple, but basically they are divided into two groups – depending on our actions and the independent ones.

To some extent, we can excuse the losses caused by the reasons beyond our control, still we have to prevent any sales decreases within our area of responsibility. Meanwhile, each store owner has a lot of chances for such omissions, including e.g. low or out of stock inventory.

Low Stock Alert for Shopify

According to, 15% of online customers reported that they won’t complete their purchases if they find items out of stock. That’s quite a large share of potential shoppers living stores without purchases and merchants losing their credibility.

So, if you intend to keep your revenue you need to track and replenish your inventory regularly. And, we can offer you the way to automate this time-consuming and irritating routine in your Shopify store.

low-stock-alert 130Low Stock Alert (Free)

The Low Stock Alert application for Shopify stores automatically tracks the items that fall below a specific level and highlights them in the low stock products grid. Moreover, you can set up and receive daily warnings about low stock items via emails.


Quantity Threshold
The quantity is considered to be low as soon as the number of items falls below a preset level. And, you can specify any number of items as the quantity threshold.

Equip Your Magento 2 Stores with High-quality Extensions Profitably

No doubt, Magento 2 will become the next ecommerce destination for numerous Magento users.

So, if you consider migration as the next step of your improvement or just build a new M2 store, we are ready to make you two great offers.

All M2 Essentials in One Place

Coming into this innovational Magento 2 era we have a hankering to enter it with our new and existing customers continuing the long-term beneficial partnership. And, since we sincerely believe that Magento 2 is currently the best available ecommerce software, we offer you to equip your M2 online stores profitably right now.

M2 Extensions PackM2 Extension Pack

M2 Extension Pack provides you with a unique and original chance to access all M2 extensions either currently available for purchase or expected to be released. The pack includes free extensions installation and the 360-day support period.

Our Magento 1 extension buyers are provided with the 30% discount on M2 Extension Pack (use the M2PACK coupon code):

  • CE M2 extension Pack: the discounted price is $979 (only for our M1 customers) and $1399 is the full price of the pack;
  • EE M2 extension Pack: the discounted price is $2099 (for our M1 customers) and $2999 is the full price of the pack.

Totally, we expect all 12 extensions to be good and ready by the end of March. The modules cover most significant functionality fields, including sales and marketing, administration, user experience, and content management. As soon as you purchase the pack, all the extensions above will appear in you customer account area. For the launched extensions you will get the links for downloading immediately, while the coming soon extensions will appear after their final release.

eCommerce Expo South Florida Brings Together Hundreds of Business Professionals

Live event communications are always beneficial and have a great potential for new sales and cooperation. Ecommerce conferences can offer merchants and manufactures multiple advantages and accelerate their business growth.

2015 engendered possibly the greatest number of Magento events ever and even more ecommerce conferences. A bit later we’ll certainly publish the list of Magento conferences expected in 2016, while now are shedding the light on the eCommerce Expo South Florida conference.

eCommerce Expo South Florida

eCommerce Expo South Florida

The first edition of the conference was a great success and gathered a lot of ecommerce experts and attendees. The second annual eCommerce Expo South Florida is going to become even more crowded with multiple outstanding sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, and guests. The conference will take place on February 17, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Organizers and sponsors of the conference will provide refreshments through the whole day and arrange the raffle of NBA basketball Miami Heat and NHL hockey Florida Panthers tickets, and gourmet coffee gift cards among the attendees.


The conference is hosted by four companies: Rand Marketing (aheadWorks Authorized Partner), Simple Helix, Avalara, and Bongo International. The organizers settled just on the East Coast of Florida in Bahia Mar Hotel on Fort Lauderdale Beach.


eCommerce Expo South Florida is a full-day event hospitably greeting 14 speakers with vast ecommerce experience.

Seth Rand, Founder & CEO, Rand Marketing
Seth is a master of internet marketing with 750 optimized web sites and the $20 million pay-per-click advertising experience. He is a Google Certified Partner, licensed Google Advertising Professional and Yahoo Ambassador, member of SEMPO and the Marketing Association.

Leading Ecommerce Platforms: What Do They Bet On?

Ecommerce is booming and we have no reason to make any doubts regarding its successful future, but we all want to unveil the details about and around it.

Leading Ecommerce Platforms
The beginning of the year is a great time to look back and analyze the work done by most leading ecommerce platforms that will certainly determine the rules of the game for the nearest future. Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, and PrestaShop – this is the pool of ecommerce platforms we take for our study and try to make predictions on for the whole market.

Ecommerce Platforms in 2015


In 2015 WooCommerce released two major updates numbered 2.3 and 2.4. Just like the other platforms the team is concentrated on two main functionality areas – frontend and backend. And, if the 2.3 version is mostly focused on the first one, WooCommerce 2.4 brought more favor to store owners.

Before moving on to the specific version revision we’d like to notice that WooCommerce pays much attention to its dedicated ecommerce theme – StoreFront. It has been updated twice during 2015, and regardless of its advantages or shortcomings, this focus clearly shows that attractive and efficient ecommerce themes are always in trend.

WooCommerce 2.3
This update includes both frontend and backend features actually, but the most remarkable thing about it is that it includes usage tracking. This functionality is designed to get the information about the stores using WooCommerce, their size and the ways they use the platform. If this original idea succeeds, the team will get really unique and valuable data regarding their target audience and specific customers’ needs.

WooCommerce 2.4
Just like Google algorithm updates, new WooCommerce versions have their own names and this version was named Helpful Hedgehog. The update mostly facilitates backend routines and starts with the brand new on-boarding wizard. It provides newcomers with a straight-forward step-by-step guidance to set up and tune their stores.

However, along with some really innovative ideas, WooComerce still tries to get rid of some growing pains related to e.g. bulk products variation uploads.

attention_greenBrief Overview

  • WooCommerce makes a lot to improve the shopping experience and develop their dedicated theme StoreFront;
  • The platform also tries to attract more merchants to the platform simplifying the installation and configuration processes and guiding newbies through the whole procedure;
  • The team tries to get rid of growing pains and make the platform suitable for both small and average merchants;
  • It tries to get more information about their users in order to efficiently develop the platform based on specific audience needs.

Acquire Magento Extensions for the Whole 2016 Profitably

Now, when 2016 is here most of us make plans for the future and figure out upcoming needs and essentials necessary for plentiful sales throughout the year.

We clearly realize this concern and have a great offer for you in this connection. In order to satisfy the technical need to provide your Magento store with relevant and valuable functionality extensions aheadWorks slashes prices for the whole catalog by 10%. And, that’s not all.

Package Deal

For the merchants starting new Magento 1 stores or just planning to boost sales in 2016 we offer great Package Deal. The deal allows you to grab any five Magento 1 extensions for just $499. We believe that this freedom of choice is the best option as far as you certainly better know your plans and demands.

How It Works

  • You purchase the Package Deal product on its product page;
  • You send the list of required extensions to our support team and get the accesses to requested extension packs from your account in our store;
  • After the purchase you can make use of the purchased extensions any time you like.

What You Should Now

  • Package Deal is valid for only aheadWorks Magento 1 Community Edition extensions and themes. No partner products, services or Magento 2 extensions are included;
  • The offer is active until the end of January 2016;
  • Package Deal provides you with the 90-day support period for all selected products.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Profitable for absolutely all Magento store owners;
  • Especially profitable for new Magento stores;
  • Up to $500-$1000 maximum savings depending on the set of chosen extensions.

In order to get more information regarding the Package Deal product refer to its page in our store. If necessary, send all your questions on the offer to our support team.

Choose your most required  Magento extensions out of 100 modules in our store profitably!