New Extension from aheadWorks – Store Credit and Refund

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We are used to the consideration that refunds are equal to the loss of customers, but could you imagine the situation, when refunds start new purchases? It’s really possible with the new Store Credit and Refund extension.

Refund reasons can be numerous, and customers will not necessarily put a curse on you, as soon as they ask for refunds. Often they perceive the situation impartially and are ready to continue purchasing from you, but not earlier you return them their money, of course. Here lies the biggest chance for their retention and engagement, if you are able to provide them with a store credit instead of actual money returns.

The store credit functionality allows you to transfer money to customers without delays and in the full amount. They do not need to wait for the transaction processing or pay any transactional fees. As soon as the store credit amount is enrolled to their accounts, they can instantly continue their shopping process.

The store credit here performs two main tasks: retains customers and increases their loyalty to your brand; and this practice is widely used by online and offline vendors.

The Store Credit and Refund extension for Magento

The Store Credit and Refund extension by aheadWorks enables you to start Store Credit programs easily and provides you some useful features for streamlined handling of the entire procedure.

Main Functionality

The main functionality of the Store Credit and Refund extension allows store owners to provide customers with credits, which can be spent to pay any order items, including products, shipping, taxes, etc. Along with other purposes, store credits are able to become a full-value replacement of online refunds. This functionality option lets customers get their money back and continue shopping immediately, while merchants retain clients and get new sales.

Features for Customers

Spend Credit on Products, Taxes, or Shipping Fees (or Everything You Want)
Using a credit customers are able to pay whatever they want, including taxes and shipping fees. The process is simple and requires from customers just to check the box within the Payment Information section at the checkout. If the store credit exceeds the total value of the order, customers can pay using it alone; otherwise they should specify an additional method for the remaining amount.

Detailed Store Credit Information in the Frontend
The module provides customers with a detailed history of their store credit balance in the My Account area. Customers are able to quickly check the balance or track the entire list of store credit transactions accompanied by dates, comments, and action statuses.

My Account Area

My Account Area

They can also subscribe to balance update notifications by email.

Gift Card / Certificate Integration
The Store Credit and Refund and Gift Card/Certificate extensions integration introduces even more opportunities to customers, as they can convert their gift cards into the store credit and keep their funds in one place or spend them easily.

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    RMA: Finely Adjusted and Efficient Merchandise Return Process

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    Merchandise returns are an inalienable detail of any online sales process. Despite all merchants strive to reduce returns they still cannot eliminate them completely.

    The RMA extension for Magento

    Moreover, the average merchandise return rate is considerable nowadays and may take up to 20-30% in overall sales (Source:, especially for apparel and other soft goods. The average return rate of U.S. retail stores is about 10%, according to the Annual Return Survey by The Retail Equation.

    Note: Return frauds and abuses are 6.1% of total returns. Source: Annual Return Survey by The Retail Equation.

    So, any RMA process requires proper organization and the RMA extension is the right choice for this purpose. It allows you to arrange and mange returns easily, increase customers’ satisfaction, avoid unnecessary losses, and protect yourself from frauds.

    Features for Customers

    Intuitive Frontend Interface
    The frontend interface of the extension is simple and intuitive and allows customers to submit their RMA requests in just several clicks. They just need to select the required order and item they want to return, specify the package status and request type, and choose the reason of the request.

    RMA Frontend Interface

    RMA Frontend Interface

    The “Additional Information” field provides customers an opportunity to describe their particular situation in details, while the RMA Policy specification allows them to be confident regarding the legitimacy of their claims.

    Anonymous RMA
    Magento merchants are able to permit guests make RMA requests, if they just specify an email and valid Order ID.

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      Order Tags ver. 1.4 Provides Comfortable and Clear Orders Organization

      November 11th, 2014 No comments

      The more orders you have the more profit you get – it’s simple math. But multiple orders ae usually associated with the sophisticated backend order management and require much time and efforts starting from the very beginning – orders search and prioritizing.

      The Order Tags Magento extensionThose Magento admins who face this challenging issue naturally come to the idea of a smart and convenient orders organization in order to streamline the process.

      The Order Tags Magento extension from our partners is a very useful solution in those very cases and allows you to arrange orders wisely using various custom order tags, either manually or automatically.

      Recently the module was updated to the 1.4 version and obtained several useful features and enhancements.

      New Features

      Individual Tags for Each Store View
      The latest version of the extension entitles Magento admins to set up individual tags for each store view and, thus, makes the management of orders even more intuitive and simple. For this purpose each tag has the Store View attribute, which is settled during each new tag creation and can be further changed at your discretion.

      Individual Tags for Each Store View

      Individual Tags for Each Store View

      Orders Include Tag Tabs
      Order Tags ver. 1.4 allows admins to edit previously created and assigned tags directly from the Order View page without the need to browse to the Orders Grid. This feature saves time and makes the process of orders tagging more natural and fast.

      The Tags Tab

      The Tags Tab

      Order Row Style Settings
      In those cases when you need to draw even more attention to certain types of orders you can settle a style for the entire order row in the Orders grid. It makes certain orders greatly eye-catching that no Magento admin is able to pass them by.

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        The New Multishipping Extension Creates Multi-Shipping Orders in One Go

        November 6th, 2014 1 comment

        The Multishipping Magento extensionNative Magento multi-shipping functionality is powerful and intuitive and allows customers to create orders containing several shipping addresses easily. However, Magento admins can’t enjoy the same convenience of the process in the backend. If the flow of your offline orders is heavy, they undoubtedly spend much time transferring such orders to Magento.

        The thing is that Magento does not provide any tailored backend multi-shipping functionality and admins are forced to create separate orders for each shipping address, even when those products are ordered by the same customer.

        We all know that time is priceless, but in business it usually has an absolutely certain cost. So, if you agree to save your admins several hours per week and some hundred dollars for yourself, read about the new Magento extension provided by our partners – Multishipping.

        Main Features

        Backend Multi-Shipping Orders
        The module significantly streamlines the creation of multi-shipping orders from the backend.

        When Magento admins are inclined to create an order with multiple shipping addresses, they just click the “Create New Multiship Order” button in the Orders section and since then are able to assign multiple addresses to each and any product of the order seamlessly.

        Orders Grid

        Orders Grid

        As a result, the module splits products by shipping locations and creates the corresponding number of regular Magento orders automatically.

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          New Multi-Vendor Marketplace Provides Extra Business Facilities

          November 4th, 2014 No comments

          Amazon and eBay are the largest online marketplaces, which are among the biggest global businesses, as well. So, creating a marketplace is definitely a great way to get additional revenues and diversify your business.

          Despite Amazon and eBay are true leaders, the entire list of successful marketplaces contains much more websites and companies. You can surprisingly find a dozen and more huge online stores, which aggregate millions of unique visitors per month.  Wallmart, BestBuy, Tesco, Rakuten, Sears, Newegg, La Redoute, MercadoLivre, and Trade Me – it’s just a brief enumeration of the global biggest players.

          Of course, the goal to create similar businesses is very ambitious, but you will certainly cheer up, when discover that, according to Forbes, online marketplaces are currently booming, especially in services. So, if you search for a reliable technology to be a solid background of your new business, you’ll be greatly impressed by the new Magento solution in our portfolio provided by our partners – Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

          Multi-Vendor Marketplace

          The Multi-Vendor Marketplace Magento extensionThis Magento extension allows you to create online marketplaces from scratch and provides sellers secure and exclusive functionality, still completely controlled by your admins.

          While you provide the marketplace maintenance and promotion, vendors can exclusively focus on products, orders, and sales. Wherein, customers obtain an opportunity to purchase multiple products at once or find specific items in a niche marketplace.

          Dedicated Vendor Area

          Exclusive Access and Space
          Your vendors operate within secured and confidential accounts with an exclusive access. Other sellers are not able to enter these areas, so each vendor is able to fully concentrate on own sales.

          Full Product Management Functionality
          Vendors obtain an opportunity to add items to the catalog, specify product names and prices, compose and submit efficient product descriptions, and set other parameters. They can also manage shipping methods and shipping cost conditions, manage notification terms, profile information, and preview the appearance of their supplier pages from the backend.

          The Product List section allows vendors to track, filter, edit, preview, and deactivate their product pages. On the Orders page they can filter orders by IDs, dates, date ranges, and statuses, view orders or ship orders manually.

          Products List

          Products List

          Dedicated Dashboard and Exclusive Reports
          The dedicated dashboard provides store suppliers quick access to the sales information, including the average revenue per order statistics and total items sold information in the form of easily perceived charts, while the provided reports allow sellers to get even more detailed information about their orders.

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            Advanced Reports – The Ultimate Reporting Solution for Your Magento Store

            October 30th, 2014 No comments

            Running a successful and prospering online business is impossible without advanced reporting systems. High-quality reports are not only a source of indispensable commercial information, but also a great inspiration for original business decisions and breakthroughs.

            Magento provides its users with multiple useful commercial reports, which inspect and visualize numerous aspects of your online business, from reviews and coupons to orders and sales. Still, sometimes we need special solutions fitting individual purposes and showing business from a slightly different angle.

            In this case, the Advanced Reports extension is the first to draw your attention as it is able to provide you more information about your sales and create a complete picture of your business.

            The Advanced Reports Extension

            The Advanced Reports extension for MagentoThe Advanced Reports extension provides you with a wide range of Magento reports and great number of additional units you can integrate with the extension at your discretion and keep your expenses as low as possible.

            Report configuration options enable you to set up the appearance of reports, including the height, chart color, font color and size, background color, orders processed, custom date range options, etc.

            Variety of Reports

            Product-Focused Reports
            High-quality products greatly attract customers, the same as reasonable prices, of course. But which of your product meets those requirements and draw visitors better? The “Bestsellers” report is designed to answer this question and show you the way to more balanced and profitable product lines.

            "Bestsellers" report

            “Bestsellers” Report

            The “Sales by Product” report shows the dynamics of sales of chosen items during a definite range of time. Using this report you are able to determine the correlation of sales fluctuations and seasonal demand changes on certain products; to see how the changes of product pages or discount offers increase or decrease sales; to weed out declining SKUs, etc.

            Time-Focused Reports
            Attaining successful online sales is a formidable task and requires the knowledge of all aspects of the purchasing process, including seemingly tiny and unimportant. But…

            rsz_mark83Trifles make perfection and perfection is no trifle.

            So, the information about sales rush hours can be very important for sellers. First of all, you can check the bandwidth adequacy of your store within these hours and improve it, if needed; then you can increase you promotional efforts while you have the greatest flow of visitors; or you can bring additional staff on board to provide immediate customer service within these hours; etc.

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              E-commerce Platforms Popularity Study, October 2014

              October 28th, 2014 3 comments

              Our previous Alexa 1 million top sites survey unveiled an unsurpassable leadership of Magento CE among world top e-commerce platforms.

              But things change rapidly in this fast-paced and highly competitive market, and Magento itself undergoes significant changes. So, in order to keep abreast of the latest changes and trends we prepared a new edition of the study.

              The current research is updated with new platforms, included into the main sample, and delivers a bit different relative data, but the absolute changes, we discovered, clearly explain the main trends.

              Study Description

              The study supervises Alexa 1 million top sites and detects the stores, which use one of thirty two e-commerce platforms included into the survey. Compared with the previous study, this edition is extended by 12 new platforms, including WooCommerce, Yahoo Stores, Demandware, OXID eShop, etc.

              Note: We’d like to remind you that the obtained results are accurate only under specific conditions of this study.

              E-commerce Platforms Popularity Study

              Magento CE takes the leading position among the examined e-commerce platforms in Alexa 1 million top sites. The nearest competitor WooCommerce is 5% behind the leader, and thus, together these platforms take 46.4% of the market share.

              Ecommerce platforms market share

              The great insight here is that comparatively different e-commerce solutions have almost the same popularity and market shares. The only difference, worth to be mentioned, is that the sites based on Magento CE have higher positions in the Alexa rank. For example, Alexa Top 100 thousand sites contain 68% more Magento CE sites than WooCommerce ones.

              If we continue to exploit the Paretto principle, we’ll discover that top 7 e-commerce platforms, which constitute 22% of the total quantity, hold 76% of the market share.

              Due to the added e-commerce platforms to our investigation, the shares declined, compared to previous study, but, excluding WooCommerce, the leaders are still the same: Magento CE, PrestaShop, Shopify, VirtueMart, Magento EE.

              However, their progress since the last study differs greatly. Shopify is still the most progressive, just as in the previous study, and grew by 26.5% since April, 2014. While the total number of sites running Magento CE within Alexa 1 Mln increased by 13.5%, and PrestaShop sites – by only 2.8% over the same period. Below you will find the changes in progress of all platforms in comparison to the previous April’s study.

              Ecommerce platforms performance

              Expectedly, Magento Go and Magento PE are decreasing and take “leading” positions among the most regressing platforms. However, Magento EE is also rather unsuccessful within the past period and performs the 13.7% decrease.

              And yet some noteworthy facts: the OpenCart platform increased by 7.4%, while Volusion and osCommerce decreased significantly, by 7% and 12.3% respectively.

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