“…We Partnered Directly with Aheadworks for Their Highly Rated Extensions”

Nothing makes a provider pleased more than happy and successful customers, and below we present the next success story in our blog. “…We Partnered Directly with Aheadworks for Their Highly Rated Extensions”

The story started years ago, but continues till our time with the deserved success of – the U.S. online office coffee service provider. Today the company celebrates its 20-th anniversary and makes optimistic plans for the future. Success Story

“ began on the back of a napkin.  Perhaps not the most glamorous of beginnings.  It’s 1996 and the Internet was proving itself to not be a fad. Our goal was to provide value, speed, convenience and customer control to the Office Coffee customer. began on the back of a napkin.

The old fashioned OCS (office coffee service) was now eclipsed by the NEW ICS industry; the Internet Coffee Service industry, for which we are given the credit of developing by our industry peers. provides offices unique new items not available through OCS.  Items Such as: Starbucks, Tazo Tea, Folgers Black Silk, Java One Pods, Keurig, True Lemon, Organic, Kosher, Sugar Free and breakroom supplies. joined up with Aheadworks Ajax Pro many, many years ago.  We needed to roll out a modern website and provide a custom shopping experience for our B2B customers. Ajax Pro back then, came as an addition through our development company and we really did not know who this wonderful company was.

Aheadworks commitment to customer service is Best of Breed!

When we again expanded our website capabilities with Magento, we partnered directly with Aheadworks for their highly rated extensions.  Their commitment to customer service is Best of Breed!  They offer hands on, customer service oriented support for all of their Magento Extensions.  With this partnership between, Aheadworks and Magento, we have been able to quickly change with customer demand and keep a fresh interactive website.

New Popup Pro for Magento 2: Capture Customers’ Attention

Despite the controversial opinion on pop-up notifications and promotions, it is definitely the shortest way to deliver the necessary content to visitors.

Properly targeted and scheduled pop-ups are able to draw visitors’ attention and bring them valuable information. From the very beginning of the visit to your store you can let customers know about e.g. the latest available collections, current sales and other benefits.

The Pop Up Pro extension for Magento 2Popup Pro for Magento 2

Magento 2 store owners now are able to improve their content with focused and well-timed pop-up notifications by means of our latest M2 extension – Popup Pro. It combines both attractive visualization and pinpoint targeting opportunities backed by effectiveness tracking.

Frontend Visualization

The Popup Pro extension for Magento 2 allows you to create engaging notifications and promotions without any annoying behavior. Advanced triggering facilities allow you to make the display time of pop-ups compliant with the shopping behavior of different customer groups. Additionally, the powerful functionality of the Popup Content editor and versatile animation effects enable you to make pop-ups good-looking and unique.

Pop-up Frontend View

Pop-up Frontend View

Backend Configuration

Right after the installation you should proceed to the Content section in the backend to create your pop-ups. The Manage Popups section is located under Content > Popup Pro by aheadWorks > Manage Popups.

The grid in this section enumerates all the created pop-ups and their attributes, including IDs, names, triggering events, customer groups, store views, statuses, where to display options, positions, views, clicks, and CTRs.

The Manage Popups Grid

Manage Popups Grid

Once you created a new pop-up by clicking the Create New Popup button you will have a chance to configure it as you need. Initially, you need to enable the pop-up and specify its name.

8 New Magento 2 Extensions by Nucleus in Our Catalog

Magento 2 continues to gather momentum, and the entire community continues to follow it.

Recently, we partnered with Nucleus Commerce – a software company dedicated to creating solutions for merchants on the Magento platform. Through our partnership with Nucleus, we added 8 extensions to our Magento 2 portfolio. These extensions are now available in our M2 store.

8 New Magento 2 Extensions by Nucleus in Our Catalog

Thus, our Magento 2 catalog encounters 21 extensions and, as we have already mentioned, all the provided extensions are also valid for M2 Extension Pack, so we’ve almost doubled your selection range.

Nucleus Extensions

The Nucleus Elements extension for Magento 2Nucleus Elements

The Nucleus Element extension for Magento 2 is the best way to create content on M2. Nucleus Elements features a drag-and-drop interface that empowers you to create content quickly and easily without the need for deep development knowledge. With over 400+ quick-deploy Elements located in the Elements UI library you will be inspired to create new content or offer a fresh layout for old copy.

With Nucleus Elements you can create static blocks and full pages to be deployed anywhere you like. Start creating content weeks or even months in advance and choose when you want to deploy your content. Nucleus Elements makes editing your content efficient – with constant preview you can see the edits as you make them.

Low Stock Alert Tracks Fast and Slowly Consumable Products Separately

We have already provided our Shopify customers and store owners with the chance to avoid losing customers as a result of the lack of products with our free Low Stock Alerts application.

Low Stock Alert Tracks Separately Fast and Slowly Consumable Products

Still, the issue is not that simple since some products are being sold quickly, while other ones – slowly. So, what should be considered as a universal low stock threshold?

Most likely, we’ll not be able to find that gold mean compliant with all the circumstances and just need to create different thresholds for different product collections. That is exactly the idea behind the new feature recently released for the Low Stock Alert application by Aheadworks.

The Low Stock Alert Shopify ApplicationLow Stock Alert New Feature

Up to 5 Separate Low Stock Lists

Now, the application allows you to create 5 different low stock threshold values for five different product collections. The functionality is even more beneficial, as far as you can assign products to certain collections according to diverse and highly adaptive product conditions.

This way, the application creates five low stock lists based on product inventory stocks, types, vendors, prices, etc. and their combinations. Using the above conditions you can assign suitable thresholds to only certain products and get rid of duplicate products in your low stock lists. For your convenience each low stock list is sent in different email notifications.

Magento 2 Pack: The Shortest Way to Start on Magento 2

Usually, bulk purchases are price advantageous and allow you to buy an item within cheaper than at the regular price.

But, if the product set within the bundle is fixed, it may force you to pay for unwanted items…

M2 Extension Pack

Leaving aside other cases we may say that Magento 2 Extension Pack from our company is really beneficial, because we made it that way. It allows you to choose any products you want and save.

M2 Extension Pack

General Benefits

  • High quality extensions. All the provided extensions cover only most required Magento 2 functionality areas and are compliant with the best industry practices;
  • Attractive Price. The pack allows you to purchase five Magento 2 extensions and save in average 25% + from their initial prices;
  • Freedom of choice. You can include any M2 products from our catalog to you package sets;
  • Wide range of products. Take your pick from currently existing products or any future extensions to be released in 2016.
  • One year free support services. The package deal includes 360 days of tech support and free updates.

M2 Extension Pack Customers

Starting a new store is always a challenging task especially when you pick Magento 2 to build you success on. You will certainly need several extensions to satisfy just initial functionality needs, and that is the logic we follow offering the products package option in our store.

Using our M2 Extension Pack pioneering Magento 2 owners are able to get access to some demanded products ensuring their successful launch.

Customer Success Stories

This package deal is not purely unique for our customers. Many of them have already taken advantage of this offer and found it great. Here is what Sandy van Markus,, is telling about his experience with Magento 2 and the pack:

“We sell electronic cigarettes in the Netherlands and in the rest of Europe. The decision to move to Magento 2 was made because we liked the provided functionality and interface of the new platform.

Furthermore, we found that Aheadworks already have an essential number of really great M2 extensions complemented with quality support services. So, the choice of Magento 2 extensions provider was just simple.

M2 Extension Pack was a good price option considering all the included extensions. We do not currently use them all, but anyway the pack is a good solution. It looks even more beneficial with the included extended support, which is great at Aheadworks. They provide you with a lot of technical expertise and here you have a lot of nice people to talk to.”

Shop By Brand 1.5: Tailor Brands to Multiple Magento Websites, Stores and Store Views

We continue updating our Magento 1 extensions and today announce the new features provided in Shop By Brand 1.5.

Shop By Brand 1.5: Tailor Brands to Multiple Magento Sites and Store Views

As far as Magento stores are constantly increasing the number of customers, expand geography, and boost revenues, they often need advanced configuration scopes able to maintain versatile stores and store views for different customer segments. The current update of the Shop By Brand extension allows you to settle unique brand sets for multiple stores and store views with original brand titles, descriptions and Meta tags.

The Shop By Brand Magento extensionShop By Brand 1.5 New Features

Multi-store Brand Association

Starting from the 1.5 version of the extension the new brand General section (Catalog -> Shop By Brand -> Manage Brands -> Add New) allows you to select the website or store view to be associated with a particular brand.

So, if your Magento installation includes two or more stores or multiple store views in several different languages, you can add necessary and relevant brands to the selected Magento scopes.

Associate Brands with Selected Web Sites and Store Views

Associate Brands with Selected Stores and Store Views

Multi-store Support for Brand Fields

Furthermore, not only can you add brands to different store views, you can also alter their page titles, brand descriptions, and Meta tags depending on the scope. The configuration scope selector added at the top left throughout the Edit Brand area allows you to switch scopes within one brand and specify separate brand attributes for distinct stores and store views.

Aheadworks Product Owner Stanislav Golodov: “Often, a Challenge Requires Thinking Out of the Box”

What is the way a new product passes from the idea to market? What does the Magento extensions market require most of all? Is product management mostly about brilliant insights or routine data analysis?

We are talking to Stanislav Golodov, Aheadworks product owner celebrating today his 5-th anniversary in the company.


5+ Years of Product Management Experience

AW: Hi Stanislav, great to talk to you on this day when you are celebrating such a notable anniversary. First of all, I congratulate you on this occasion. Hope you’ll continue your great mission in our company making more and more high-quality products for Magento stores.

Our readers are keen on diving deep into the specific features of the product owner’s work at Aheadworks and hearing the latest product news and future plans. So, tell us a bit about your duties and what your work is about.

Stanislav: The main task for me is to look for the Magento functionality bottlenecks disturbing most of our customers, find appropriate solutions for them, and determine if a certain product solving that problem is going to be in demand. Of course, we aim to resolve issues with our products in the most efficient ways.

In order to offer only hottest product features you need to track both customer feature requests and global ecommerce shifts.

The process for designing a product is the following. I investigate market demands, find some possible solutions, estimate them and choose the best variant, and then prepare a detailed product specification. As soon as the product is at the development stage, I also look through the very  process of coding in order to make sure that the implementation doesn’t differ from my initial idea.

Upon the release I still follow the product in the market and determine the functionality scopes for updates. In order to offer only hottest product features you need to track both customer feature requests and global ecommerce shifts.