aheadWorks Widens Product Lines with Partners’ Extensions and Themes

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aheadWorks always strives to deliver high-quality products and only excellent services.

Our development strategy is based on mutual profitability with our customers. Amid this, we constantly improve in-house products and widen our catalog offering extensions and themes from our partners. It goes without saying that we carefully choose these modules and ensure their advanced functionality and seamless Magento integration.

Next few months we’ll put in front of you our partners’ products, which will be placed in our store. These extensions cover different areas of Magento functionality, and enable you to make the store even more effective and profitable.

The Visual Catalog Manager Magento extensionVisual Catalog Manager

The Visual Catalog Manager extension allows Magento administrators to manage categories and products within them in a new, highly-effective manner, which makes possible mass product actions and saves tons of time during Magento catalogs editing.

The module provides two modes of editing: “Visual Merchandiser” and “Smart Category”.

The Visual Merchandiser mode arranges products inside categories using drag-and-drop positioning of products. Other products automatically re-arrange their lines replacing removed or replaced items.

The Visual Merchandiser mode

The Visual Merchandiser mode

The Smart Category mode filters products by multiple attributes and allows you to assign these products to a new category or delete these products from an existing one. Furthermore, you can easily switch from the Smart Category to Visual Merchandiser mode and manage positions of products within newly created categories.

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    15 New Features on Twitter We Can Benefit from

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    tw aw70

    Recently Twitter announced a lot of changes, which touched both user-related functionality and advertising facilities of the platform. Someone may call it evolution, and others will consider as a growing competition among social networks. Anyway, Twitter becomes better and we can apparently benefit from these changes.

    2013 Twitter Changes Recap

    2013 was a busy year for Twitter resulted in multiple interface and functionality changes.

    Pictures in feeds
    One of the most remarkable enhancements was adding a possibility to view tweet pictures and photos within users’ feeds. Users no longer need to click on source tweets to see pictures, and therewith we got more colorful and attractive Twitter streams.

    Pictures in feeds

    Twitter alerts
    New Twitter alerts made it possible to get emergency notifications, amplified with orange bell icons, pushed by public organizations and institutions.

    Photos sharing
    Since December 2013 Twitter’s users are able to share their photos via direct messages on iOS and Android platforms.

    Redesigned Twitter profiles are available for some celebrities

    Galleries instead of keyboards
    Now iOS Twitter app firstly offers to choose a photo from the gallery before starting to type a message. This is a clear motivation to publish more photos and defines how Twitter sees the primary way for interacting with the platform.

    Twitter recommendation notifications
    Last year Twitter rolled out personalized notifications about new prominent network entrants, mass retweets, and favoring.

    The 2014 will hardly be easier for Twitter than 2013, as it has lots of plans for this year.

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      Precisely Define the Audience for Your Rewards

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      Customers’ loyalty is the greatest prize in the “online sales” game. 

      Points & Rewards and Market Segmentation Suite integration provide extremely flexible and powerful functionality for promotional incentives and creation of sustainable relations with your customers. Continue reading to learn how to create rules and assign reward points to any customer segment.

      The Points & Rewards Magento extension

      Reward points can turn customers into your adherents and encourage them to purchase from you. The powerful referral program of Points & Rewards allows attracting new shoppers and keep them happy providing with multiple bonuses. Great user facilities, such as advanced notifications and balance tracking in the “My Account” area, make this extension absolutely transparent and handy for customers.

      However, sometimes we need to promote our products among certain audiences and the Points and Rewards extension is also helpful in this case. Additional bonuses and reward points are available via flexible point and reward rules. These rules allow you to reward customers who e.g. purchased a certain amount of products or items from the defined category. These rule conditions include product and shopping cart attribute combinations, but this functionality can be even further extended.

      The Market Segmentation Suite Magento extensionAlong with product and shopping cart attributes Magento admins can use customers’ attributes for rule conditions. It becomes possible with the Market Segmentation Suite module integration.

      The MSS extension segments customers by a wide range of attributes and condition combinations. Using these modules together, you will be able to assign reward points to any customer segments defined by the required attributes and purchasing history.

      Segmentation opportunities in this case are almost unlimited and will help you to carry out pin-point promotions. Bellow you will find some illustrative examples of such rules.

      Market Segmentation Suite Rules

      Rule conditions primarily based on order attributes

      Example 1. Rule conditions primarily based on order attributes

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        New Players vs. Traditional Social Networks. Who will Get the Trophy?

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        We always strive to find out something new, funny, and unexplored. On the other hand, we like to use lovely and handy things, and online services are not the exception. In line with this, it seems to be absolutely natural that mastodons of social networking absorb up to 80% of global internet audience. But do they rest on their laurels or suffer fierce competition from new entrants? Let us consider this.

        Most used global social networks

        According to GlobalWebIndex, the current global ranking of social networks is the following.

        Global Penetration of Social Platforms

        Source: GlobalWebIndex Q4 2013 /// Base: Global internet users aged 16-64, exc. China.

        Facebook looks invincible and has the shortest gap between the overall number of accounts and active user quantity. Only Instagram seems to be able to get the same ratio in the nearest future, while YouTube, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn users are more willing to abandon their accounts.

        About 10% of users have no account in the mentioned above social networks, and this is a true confirmation of the online freewill.

        Changes in Active Usage

        Source: GlobalWebIndex Q4 2013 /// Base: Global internet users aged 16-64, exc. China.

        Instagram increased its active users base by 23% in the Q4 2013, according to GlobalWebIndex, and it is the fastest growth among other platforms.

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          Product Questions 2.0 Acquires The New ‘Ask Customers’ Functionality

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          The Product Questions Magento extensionThe Product Questions extension saves time and prevents you from repeated answers to the same questions. Since customers are able to answer product questions, the module generates unique and useful content and arranges a close-knit community around your brand.

          Product Questions v.2.0 takes your abilities to the next level with numerous powerful features and improvements.

          New Features

          “Product Questions” tab
          Since the 2.0 version customers get an opportunity to browse and manage their questions and answers. The new ‘Product Questions’ tab, added to the ‘My Account’ area, displays customer’s questions and answers in an informative and easily readable format.

          The "Product Questions" tab

          The “Product Questions” tab

          Frontend product page re-design
          The product questions block on product pages has obtained significant improvements. The new format provides only a list of questions, while answers can be expanded by clicking on the arrow or question title.

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            Subconscious Incentives Affecting Customers’ Choice

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            We should never forget that sales rely on human communications, which constitute the basis of any commerce. Rendering human and social psychology its primary role in trade and marketing is the only efficient way to profit.

            People drastically differ from each other, if we talk about purchasing behavior and shopping patterns. So, in order to successfully use any techniques influencing customers, we should clearly define and segment shoppers.

            Customers mainly incline to make purchases in two different ways: rational and emotional. Rational and emotional approaches considerably depend on the product, price, and demands, but we never completely suppress our emotions while purchasing.

            Subconscious Decisions

            Environmental Cues

            Customers are highly influenced by the environment during purchasing

            Recent researches, published in the Journal of Marketing Research, reveal that customers are highly influenced by the environment during purchasing. Unsafe atmosphere automatically makes them more safety-oriented and less inclined to take risks. In such situations people better perceive warning messages about negative consequences than descriptions of positive effects. These situations are more beneficial for selling first-aid kits, extended warranty packages and other safety-related products.

            Tip: Online merchants, who sell such products, may use this information and experiment on product pages with colors and content to obtain the required effect.

            In contrast, customers are less inclined to simple real money gambles in these circumstances especially, if they lost in previous rounds.

            Tip: Gambling and other games of chance require positive and safe atmosphere.

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              Meet Magento Germany 2014 Traditionally Invites to Leipzig

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              Meet Magento Germany is one of the greatest European Magento events. This year it traditionally takes place in Leipzig.

              Two days (May 12 – May 13, 2014) of the conference promise to be full of valuable knowledge and exciting conversations. It is already the eighth event in Germany and we can definitely say that it gradually becomes a leading European Magento conference. Being a media partner aheadWorks is happy to present you a short announcement of Meet Magento Germany 2014. Furthermore, we encourage you to finish reading this post to get a valuable prize in your pocket.

              Meet Magento DE 2014

              Meet Magento Germany 2014 expects about 550 attendees from Germany and other European countries. It is traditionally located in the Westin Hotel, in the heart of Leipzig. The hotel is situated in the economic center of Leipzig and you will  easily get to your destination. Meanwhile, Leipzig sights will give you a lasting impression of the beautiful city with a rich history.


              Meet Magento Germany 2014 will be held in two rooms and a conference hall.  As usually the conference will gather together merchants, developers, and Magento experts. Here is a short list of keynote speakers and spokespersons:

              Rico Neitzel

              Rico Neitzel

              Magento Trainer & Community Manager / Büro 71a

              Thomas Fleck

              Thomas Fleck

              CEO / Netresearch App Factory AG

              Kuba Zwolinski

              Kuba Zwolinski

              CEO / Snowdog Sp. z o.o.

              Vinai Kopp

              Vinai Kopp

              Free Magento Developer – Trainer and Consultant

              Sylvain Rayé

              Sylvain Rayé

              Founder / Chief Ecommerce Officer / Diglin GmbH

              Sherrie Rohde

              Sherrie Rohde

              Community + UX / Rebellion Media

              Tobias Zander

              Tobias Zander

              CTO / Sitewards GmbH

              Tim Bezhashvyly

              Tim Bezhashvyly

              Senior Magento Developer / 21sportsgroup

              The scheduled presentations will cover numerous topics starting form online marketing to responsive design and payments. Magento developers will get a chance to share their ideas at the BarCamp.

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