Happy to Be a Part of the Great Success Story with Our Follow Up Email

The story of the beginning behind any successful business is unique and enlightening. It may be full of stoicism or luck, obstacles or fair wind, but it always declares one simple thing – follow the customer.

Follow Up Email in Shopify Success Stories

And, that is the principle used by MatterThing, the first 3D print shop in Canada, perceiving the internet as the largest source of their sales. Its story starts in 2013 with one 3D printer and now the company has thirty fully loaded appliances serving clients’ needs all day long.

The company was recently featured by Shopify in its Success Stories, and aheadWorks is happy to be a part of this success! MatterThings.com uses our Follow Up Email application in order to stay close to its customers and get their after-purchase reviews.

The Follow Up Email Shopify applicationBut, the application facilities are much wider. Abandoned cart recoveries, holiday and daily promotions, thank you notifications, recurrent reminders, special offers, etc. precisely targeted to certain customer groups – these are just a few beneficial follow up email occasions covered by the app. While, opens and clicks statistics, versatile email templates, advanced automatic settings, and integration options make it even more powerful.

So, we wish MatterThings a great success and hope that it will gradually take advantage of all the opportunities provided by Follow Up Email and utilize other aheadWorks Shopify applications.

New aheadWorks CEO Natallia Kukuruzina: “We Implement New Advanced Development Principles”

Today we talk to Natallia Kukuruzina, a new aheadWorks CEO, who brings new approaches to the development of our products and company as a whole.

New aheadWorks CEO Natallia Kukuruzina

Master of Business Administration, Master of Engineering.

Natallia Kukuruzina is a highly-experienced strategic manager working for 10 years in IT mainly focusing on foreign contractors and early project launches. Natallia possesses vast experience in team building, process establishing, and business administration.


aW: Hi, Natallia! Do you mind answering a few questions about the future of aheadWorks, the prospects of Magento 2, and the market in general?

Natallia: Sure! I’ll be glad to take this chance to talk to our customers and share our plans for the future.

aW: Great! Let’s start with an introduction then.

Natallia: Well, I’m an involved person, I love working with other people, I enjoy my work and I welcome challenges.  (smiling…) I’ve been an aheadWorks CMO for over a year now and today I’m  excited to join the company as a CEO. I’m extremely intrigued with the Magento 2 platform and new opportunities it promises.

Our primary task is to provide early adopters with must-have tools and ensure quick and smooth uptake of the new technology.

aW: Welcome aboard! And, since you mentioned it, let’s focus on Magento 2 for a minute. What are your expectations for the platform and how does it affect aheadWorks? Scared? Excited?

Natallia: A little bit of both, naturally. But, it’s worth mentioning that we came prepared for Magento 2. By the time it launched we already had 5 fully tested extensions in our M2 portfolio which are available for the purchase now and we are planning to expand it by a few more before the year runs out. So, for now, our primary task is to provide early adopters with must-have tools and ensure quick and smooth uptake of the new technology.

As to the platform itself, I expect great things. Magento 2 is extremely powerful, compared to the first version it provides store owners with many more e-commerce opportunities. Recent innovations have streamlined the checkout process, created wider SEO opportunities,  offered improved admin grid,  better PCI compliance, and much more.

As an extension provider, our job is to embrace these changes and find a way to take them a step further. We look carefully at new opportunities, at needs of our clients, and we find ways to add value to their business.

We already have 5 fully tested extensions in our Magento 2 portfolio.

aW: Are you planning any changes in your business strategy and product development process with the advent of Magento 2?

Natallia:Yes, it’s inevitable. We currently stand on the edge of new era, when previous approaches are no longer applicable, while the new ones are not yet entirely formed. And I’m not just talking about the code, the whole ecosystem is about to change.

Magento DIY Overview: The Book + Magento + a Lot of Patience = Your First E-Store

Starting a new ecommerce business is an extraordinary challenge, but it becomes much simpler, when you have a wise adviser able to keep you from making mistakes and save tons of your time.

Magento DIY Overview

Those ecommerce beginners who consider Magento to be a good option for their first e-store, would likely confirm that even this arguably simple decision took a huge amount of their efforts. Meanwhile, it’s not even a start; it’s just a preparation.

The wisest solution in this case is to find a useful, intuitive, and professional guide for Magento beginners. And, we can offer you the one that is worth your attention – Magento DIY, Magento Guide by Victor Khliupko and the Firebear Studio team.

According to the intro, you need just this book, Magento, and a lot of patience to start your first ecommerce store. Well, let’s see.

Guide Overview

The book content features five chapters: Setup, Sales Generation, Growth, Enterprise, and Custom Magento Development. As you can see, its logic is built on the stages of your Magento store cycle. It covers installation, configuration, tips on a successful start and growth, and further guidance till the enterprise scale.

Along with the detailed technical support the guide offers multiple useful links and information sources commented by the author. So, the book describers Magento and the surrounding ecommerce environment reflected through the prism of the editorial attitude and experience.

Gift Card / Certificate 1.1: Better Gift Cards – More Happy Customers

We continue to update and add new value to our Magento 1 products, and it’s the Gift Card / Certificate extension turn today.

Gift Card / Certificate 1.1

The gift card functionality is currently much in demand, and we want our customers to get into this holiday season equipped with the latest and most efficient technology. We recently announced the release of the Gift Card extension for Magento 2, and now, just a few days later, we report the next version of the solution tailored for the Magento 1.x branch.

Gift Card / Certificate 1.1 New Features

Email Delivery Date

From now on the Gift Card / Certificate module enables customers to specify a delivery date for their purchased gift cards. It is especially useful when a gift card is being purchased long before the festive occasion. According to the functionality logic, the card will be sent to your friend on the specified date, and for virtual gift cards the expiration term will start to run from the email delivery.

Notifications about Gift Cards Created in Backend

Starting from the latest version of the extension you are able to create gift cards from the backend and send corresponding email notifications containing gift card codes to recipients. The dedicated section contains several mandatory and optional fields, including recipient’s name and email, email delivery date and message.

New Gift Card Section

New Gift Card Section

Option to Re-Send the Notification with a Gift Card Code

In those cases when the initial notification containing a gift card code is lost on the way and doesn’t reach the recipient, you are able to resend such codes manually. To this end, you need to opt the required gift cards in the Manage Gift Card table and run the Send Now mass action selected from the Actions dropdown menu.

New Automatic Related Products for Magento 2: Create Efficient On-Page Product Promos

Making great product pages is absolutely necessary for any online store owner.

Great product and category pages are full of high-quality product images, smart merchandising, compelling product descriptions, well-placed call-to-actions, social media inventory, and … relevant and in-time product suggestions.

New Automatic Related Products for Magento 2

Although it goes without saying that related products are a compulsory element of any web store, the recollected benefits provided by this functionality look really impressive:

  • Cross-sells and upsells;
  • Relevant content environment and professional advice;
  • Improved store navigation;
  • Related product suggestions during the checkout process;
  • Authentic and original promotions perceived naturally by users.

And, taking advantage of the benefits above is just easy with the new Automatic Related Products extension for Magento 2. The module allows you to put related product blocks to product and shopping cart pages and determine their place and content for your best business efficiency.

The Automatic Related Products extension for Magento 2General Description

The Automatic Related Products extension performs mainly backstage, while customers only witness the results.

Related Products Setup

Rule Conditions
Related product rules define both destination pages and the related products block content. The provided rule conditions and condition combinations specify the pages to be used for placing related products based on product attributes.

Magento 2 Release Blossoms Forth the New Era of Ecommerce

Magento 2.0 is finally out. We witness a historical day!

Magento 2 Release

We are very excited with this great moment touching the whole formidable Magento community and, no doubt, global eCommerce as well.

A New Era of  Commerce Innovation is Here

Magento 2 is available in two new products: Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0 and Magento Community Edition 2.0. The new platform embodies the future of ecommerce software functionality and development.

Based on its open source traditions Magento 2 provides all online customers and store owners with an enterprise-level performance and productivity. It rises on the basis of innovative architecture, amazing shopping experience, and advanced scalability.

It’s been definitely a long way full of complex challenges and ardent work. And, the result is fully worth the effort providing the pioneering state-of-the-art digital commerce platform.

Today, we are sincerely happy for the Magento team and hope that the new ecommerce solution will strengthen its position among most powerful and popular e-platforms worldwide.

aheadWorks is Headed for Magento 2.0

aheadWorks passionately welcomes this glorious milestone taking a proactive position in order to make Magento 2 even more sterling ecommerce solution.

We made a great leap forward in our approach to design and development of our M2 extensions. We improve our  products betting on the easily customizable code, approved frontend functionality, refined backend interface and usability.

At this very moment our Magento 2 portfolio contains five ready-to-go extensions, representing our best ecommerce experience. Starting from Advanced Reports, Follow Up Email, Product Questions, Gift Card, and Automatic Related Products we gradually speed up the process of development and soon will be able to announce our next Magento 2 modules.

Currently, the above extensions are passing the Magento 2 compatibility verification procedure and will be available for purchase shortly. Still, right now you can find their demos in our store.

Follow us for further updates in our blog and social media.


With the advent of Magento 2 our ultimate goal is to cover main business areas with M2 functionality extensions as soon as possible without any quality compromises. For this purpose, we have significantly revised our approach to code, usability, and functionality of our modules and are confident that we can provide even better products as a result.

Once again, we congratulate Magento on this historical and revolutionary achievement and wish it to reach new business horizons.

New JavaScript Malware Issue: Make Sure Your Store is Secured

Recently Magento notified its users and partners about another security issue concerning sensitive payment information, in particular credit card credentials forwarded to external sites by frauds.

New JavaScript Malware Issue

The good thing is that this security issue is covered by the February 2015 Shoplift patch, still we ask you to scan your system and check it for any unknown files.

Safety Measures

The new JavaScript malware exploits your security weaknesses and forwards customers’ credit cards information from checkout pages to external sites. Intruders likely use Admin or database accesses, so please:

Please make sure that your Magento store is secured and safe for your customers. More information about this malicious code is available on Magento Security Center.