Periodic Table of aheadWorks Magento Extensions

These days we all recollect our school years sending our own children to schools or just passing by the well-dressed kids and teens smartly walking to their classes.

Influenced by this nostalgic mood we want you to feel the same inspiration. On this occasion, we assembled all our Magento extensions in the table, largely similar to the Periodic Table of elements.

Table 1. Periodic Table of aheadWorks Magento Extensions

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We made it not only to convey the spirit of this “Back to school” time, but also to provide you with the opportunity to have all our Magento products on hand and find them easily every time you need some additional functionality for your store. You will also have a chance to dive deep into the times, when learning was usual and not so awkward :) , if you take part in our Back to School contest given below.

Kimberely Thomas about MM15NY: “B2B and Small Business are Hot Topics This Year”

The first Meet Magento conference in New York was a great inspiration for multiple local community members and international Magento fans, while the second edition promises to be even more splendid.

Meet Magento New York 2015

No matter who you are, if you believe in yourself and your dream, New York will always be the place for you.
Michael Bloomberg

This year Meet Magento New York gathers together many outstanding companies and speakers, which clearly reflects its magnitude and value. So, we asked Kiberely Thomas, co-organizer of MM15NY, to share some insights and express her own vision of the conference.

And, if you intend to visit New York this autumn, we can offer you a discount on the event tickets. Continue reading and you’ll find it below.

Kimberely Thomas


Kimberely Thomas is a developer, entrepreneur, Magento evangelist and is presently the Managing Partner at interactiv4 in New York City. She started web consultancy 10 years ago and focused on custom Magento implementations that extend the core platform functionally.

Kimberly is an active Magento Community member and organizes several events, including #PreImagine, the NYC Magento Meetup and Meet Magento NY.


aW: Just like last year, Meet Magento New York 2015 starts from the Hackathon on September 20. Could you please expand on the last year’s results and shed some light on this year’s expectations?

Kimberely: The hackathon last year was a great meeting place for top developers in the Magento Community. It was really great to see them all, get together, talk and code. A lot of great ideas were shared and they worked on a few projects, notably “Promo Code Messages”, which is a published extension that is in use across the ecosystem. This year I expect to see some projects more focused on Magento 2.

New Coupon Code Generator: Magento Coupons in a Few Clicks

What is the best price for a customer? It’s not the lowest one, which seems to be obvious, but the “best, greatest, coolest, and finally fantastic deal price”. Customers are happy, when they are sure that the deal they make is apparently the best one around.

Coupon Code Generator

So, they do not necessarily appreciate lowest costs, but prefer lowest costs as a result of insane chases for savings or as pleasant unexpected acquisitions. That’s what makes the price valuable – satisfaction.

Coupons are the tool, which makes customers satisfied both, if they find codes on coupon sites or suddenly get them from merchants effortlessly. Still, generating multiple coupons each day is a pretty difficult mission, so we offer you the way to streamline this routine.

Coupon Code Generator

The Coupon Code Generator Magento ExtensionThe Coupon Code Generator Magento extension allows you to create coupons in just several clicks and send them to customers easily. Magento admins are able to create an unlimited number of coupons based on once settled rules without leaving the Generated Coupons grid.


General Settings

The module’s general configuration sets up notification properties specifying the email sender contact and template. The Configuration section is available in two paths: System > Configuration > aheadWorks extensions > Coupon Code Generator or Promotions > Coupon Code Generator > Settings.


attention_greenFor your convenience, the question button to the right of the Email Template field reminds you the variables available in email templates. They are the following:

  • var_name – customer name;
  • var quickCoupon – coupon code;
  • var quickCouponDiscount|format – discount amount (percent or amount);
  • var quickCouponExpirationDate – coupon expiration date.

New Rules

At its core, rules determine the conditions, under which coupons become active, and performed actions, including percent of fixed discounts and free items added to carts.

The dedicated Shopping Cart Price Rule section contains four pages: Rule Information, Conditions, Actions, and Labels.

Ecommerce Solutions for B2B

Digital technologies continue transforming the ways of doing business in all fields and branches and now comes the turn of the B2B sector to change its selling mode and commercial approaches.

Ecommerce Solutions for B2B

B2B Ecommerce Potential

Recent researches conducted by Forrester Research Inc. uncovered the new tectonic shift of purchasing habits in B2B towards online invoicing and ordering.

The researcher determined that the number of B2B customers preferring to purchase online with self-serving information is 93% of those, who have a confident purchase decision. Still, only 25% of B2B companies sell online actively. Source: Internet Retailer.

So, this growing and highly-potential market demands corresponding technologies aiming to provide buyers with a high-standards shopping experience equal to the functionality most retail merchants have. The ultimate development destination for B2B ecommerce software is to offer seamless online shopping experience, which requires no offline operations to complete a purchase.

B2B Ecommerce Functionality

Serving unique wholesalers’ demands B2B ecommerce solutions have to possess specific functionality and UX.

Personal Customer Areas
Customer areas for wholesale buyers are to be enhanced and powerful allowing users to track multiple orders, invoices, payments, shipments, etc. Such accounts should contain detailed order history, personal discounts, credits, and other finely-granulated information describing all aspects of products and the ordering progress.

Design of Magento Stores

“Never judge a book by its cover”, – that’s true, but what if the cover itself is a real piece of art. Yep, it adds to the book additional value and you proceed to the content with surprisingly other feelings and expectations. That’s what called the power of art or design in our particular case.

Ecommerce Stores Design

Website design is as important, as catalog contents and price models for every ecommerce store, and Magento is no exception. So, we asked ourselves a question: “Are there any design award-winning Magento stores and can we consider Magento store owners real creativity fans?”

Ecommerce Stores Design Trends

Beginning from the latest design tendencies in ecommerce we found out that this year most experts distinguish the following web design trends for ecommerce stores:

Full Page Background Images
This is the latest design tendency for home and landing pages, when almost the whole page space is given to pictures or full page sliders. This is pure branding based on visual perception, surprising and impressive.

Magento 2 Extensions: Our View

Now, with the advent of the Magento 2 Merchant beta we realize that just a short time remains before the great shift in the ecommerce world – the final launch of Magento 2. This long-awaited leap is going to be quite a hard challenge for the whole community and for us personally as a Magento extension provider.

Magento 2 Extensions

So, what are the main features of Magento 2 extensions and how will they affect both vendors and merchants? We asked our Magento 2 Development Team to answer our questions on the topic.

Magento 2 Extensions Development Process



aW: What are the differences of the Magento 2 extensions development process compared to Magento 1?

Fedor: Magento 2 extensions development involves a more structured approach: more classes, objects, new code patterns, xml, xsd. Today, Magento is much closer to the “enterprise style”. You also need some time to embrace Magento 2 coding standards, but it is actually not more complicated than to port to Magento 1 from other ecommerce solutions.

Thanks to the new mechanisms, the integration into the system became simpler and more transparent. And, the architecture of Magento 2 provides a big order, encapsulation, and modules’ independence.

aheadWorks on Shopify

The right principles of online business are the same all around the world and across all ecommerce platforms. Customers’ satisfaction is the only measure of success for all merchants no difference what kind of software they use.

For 15 years we provide advanced ecommerce solutions for digital stores and now it is a great time to make them available for even more store owners. Considering this idea we stumbled upon Shopify – a highly potential ecommerce platform trusted and used by many successful merchants.

aheadWorks on Shopify

It was some kind of a challenge for us to implement our extensions on a SaaS platform, but we are entirely sure that the adjusted approach to promotions, sales, communications, etc. we use in our solutions is perfectly suitable for Shopify as well.

Today, our Shopify catalog consists of two extensions – real brilliants of our portfolio. Follow Up Email and Automatic Related Products are our pioneers on Shopify, but already managed to obtain excellent reviews from satisfied customers.

We use this app to help us send automated emails to our clients to get their reviews. It’s helped us generate a lot of reviews already! The support team is also quick to reply on any help we need and very supportive. And we love the dashboard-clean and simple to use. Keep up the great work!

MatterThings about Follow Up Email

The functionality of these two extensions has passed a long way of field testing and refinement. Now, we can say that they are comprehensive business solutions able to perform multiple tasks within their functional areas.

Functionality Description


The Follow Up Email Shopify extensionFollow Up Email

Email marketing is one of the most effective communication channels and powerful sources of plentiful sales. Using the Follow Up Email application you are able to send personal and automated emails simultaneously.

Automated triggering enables you to save time, decrease marketing costs, establish trusted relations with customers, get new sales, and just be in time. Each email has a great potential for new sales and strong partnerships. So, convert your communication into revenues.

Email Types

Basing on the tested and approved business logic we offer you 8 email types located in the most potential points of the sales process. Proper and prompt reaction, in these cases, most likely will bring you additional benefits, including sales.