aheadMetrics Gains New Features In Its Next Version

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The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.
Arthur C. Nielsen, Market Researcher & Founder of ACNielsen


No one is able to imagine a profitable business without all-round effective analytical tools. Even more, big success is a result of owing a versatile and complete data in real time.

aheadMetrics, reporting and analytical service, provides the same exactly thing for your e-shop – it gives you a complete information about sales, products, customers, and other activities within your store.

We constantly improve aheadMetrics: develop new reports, add measurement dimensions, and offer high-quality analytical functionality.

Today we would like to bring to your attention some new features, which are designed to enrich your facilities provided by aheadMetrics.

New Features

Sales by Product Attributes

The Sales by Product Attributes report operates with Magento product attributes and provides an opportunity to use unique attribute combinations. Using these combinations, data operators and attribute values you are able to get sales data about any product or product group, which matches the specified attributes. This would allow you to build highly demanded Sales by manufacturer, Sales by size, Sales by color and many other types of reports.


Sales by Customer Attributes
The Sales by Customer Attributes report analyzes the history of sales of definite customers united by a certain attributes combination. This report is absolutely indispensable for marketers and store owners as it highlights the purchasing power of different customer groups.

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    Tips for the Effective Use of the On Sale + Product Labels Extension

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    Online sales are amazing as they offer merchants multiple great opportunities to personalize products and make unique offers.

    Still, having a vast variety of available tools for that purpose we are not always confident about all the possibilities and options of their application. So, in this post we’ll discuss some valuable tips on using the On Sale + Product Labels extension in your Magento store.

    On Sale + Product Labels

    The On Sale + Product Labels extension for Magento

    The On Sale + Product Labels extension adds visually appealing labels and call-to-action texts to the images of your products. Although the main functionality looks simple, the module has numerous configuration opportunities, which allow you to tune the appearance of your products and make them even more attractive.

    The initial configuration make take definite time, but since it is done, the specified rules will automatically trigger your promotions.

    The product page of the extension highlights 20 functionality features, but we’ll flag only the most significant ones:

    • Customize a label for every product;
    • Add your own images for catalog and product labels;
    • Nine predefined label positions: top-left, top-center, top-right, middle-left, middle-center, middle-right, bottom-left, bottom-center, and bottom-right;
    • Create an unlimited number of label rules;
    • Define multiple conditions to trigger a rule;
    • Limit rules duration;
    • Insert any product’s features into a label text using a specialized “attribute” code;
    • Utilize special variables to include in label texts.

    On Sale + Product Labels Usage Tips

    Each online store has its own product line, buying audience, and marketing approaches and no one can offer any universal and successful method of sales applicable to all companies. So, we do not offer any amazing solutions just provide some proved tips, based on the psychology of sales and practice.

    Don’t offer multiple promotions simultaneously
    Even though the module provides you an opportunity to settle multiple kinds of promotional labels, don’t rush to use it. The main principle of the Gestalt psychology is simplicity. It says that people tend to simple things and clear offers as they believe that complex terms are often used for frauds.

    Don’t offer multiple promotions simultaneously

    Multiple Promotional Labels Look Suspicious

    Make your notice and image predictable
    People are conservative by their nature and better perceive experienced in the past incentives rather than absolutely new ones. Due to pre-defined patterns of behavior, people easily accept only well-known images, shapes and phrases.  So, you should better use familiar symbols like stars, circles, ribbons for your labels and regular promotional phrases.

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      The Product Questions Module Leaves No Unanswered Questions

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      The aheadWorks store contains numerous high-quality Magento extensions and themes, and sometimes it’s easy to get confused with all this variety of products.

      In this case, we suggest you to refer to our blog, where you can get comprehensive information about the module you are interested in.

      For easy browsing each product page in our store contains the “Docs & Articles” tab, where you can find all blog articles related to a particular product.

      This time, the Product Questions extension is in focus; and in this post we’ll revise the features of the extension and benefits you can get with this great Magento module.

      Product Questions

      The Product Questions extension for MagentoGeneral Description

      This extension allows customers to ask questions directly on the product pages, meanwhile Magento admins can answer them on their own or ask other customers share their experience about the product. The questions and answers appear together on the same page below the product description.

      Why is it important?

      This module makes you store more customer oriented and improves the overall quality of the provided customer service, which is greatly important for every online store. See the infographics below.

      Significance of the customer experience

      So, customers want to get their questions answered quickly and you can provide them this very opportunity. Product Questions extension allows you to avoid customers dissatisfaction and make their experience on your site more comprehensive.

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        Photo Gallery Pro ver. 5.0 Inserts Photo Albums on Product Pages

        July 17th, 2014 No comments

        When it comes to competition of online and brick-and-mortar shops, the last ones have an explicit advantage – they can provide customers real products before the purchase.

        This strong obstacle still tightly holds customers from mass online purchasing and makes online merchants look for some equivalent tools, which would be able to successfully replace the touch reflex of customers by the other perception. The solution is obvious and still the best for eCommerce – product images. The way you present your products determines the profitability of the entire business and its chances to succeed.

        Today we are thrilled to announce you the new version of an excellent partner product presented in our store – Photo Gallery Pro ver. 5.0.

        Photo Gallery Pro

        The Photo Gallery Pro extension for MagentoThis Magento extension provides you one more opportunity to visualize your products and show customers their best properties.

        The eye-catching photo galleries created by this extension let customers examine the products, browse full-sized product images, read album and photo descriptions, and etc. Furthermore, powerful configuration options allow merchants organize the gallery easily and promptly.

        New Features

        Photo Albums on Product Pages
        Magento admins are able to place photo albums on product pages and configure their appearance. The backend configuration functionality allows them to specify the quantity of displayed photos, sorting methods and directions. They can also display photo names, short descriptions, and update dates.

        Photo Albums on Product Pages

        Photo Albums on Product Pages

        Access Restriction for Guests or Specific Customer Groups
        The option allows Magento merchants to restrict access to albums and photos for guests or specify a certain group of registered customers, who are exclusively able to view them. The restriction configuration of photos and albums is accordingly located:

        • Gallery -> Manage Photos -> Select the Photo from the Grid -> General ->Only for Registered*
        • Gallery -> Manage Albums -> Select the Album -> General Settings Tab ->Only for Registered*

        *Note: Select the ”Yes” option in order to get the access to the Customer Groups box.

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          Sylvain Raye – about Magento, Composer, and Meet Magento Switzerland

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          Editor’s note: The Magento community, among other things, consists of numerous true professionals and gains power from the dedicated events, which develop and push the platform ahead.We thought that it would be great to make these events even closer to the entire community and highlight some interesting conference presentations in our blog.

          This time, we asked Sylvain Raye, a computer engineer with more than 10-year experience in web development, answer our questions about his participation in the Meet Magento Italy 2014 conference and reveal some key points of his presentation.

          Без имениSYLVAIN RAYE


          Sylvain Rayé is a computer engineer having more than 10 years experience in web development and 6 years in Magento. Recently he founded Diglin GmbH in Zurich (Switzerland), a company providing development for eCommerce projects, including Magento, Akeneo and OroCRM.
          He is a Magento enthusiast and actively contributes to the community as a Co-organizer of Meet Magento Switzerland and board member of the German Magento Community Assosiation. He also helps to organize hackathons in different countries and participates as a speaker in different conferences.


          aW: I know that you take the active stance within the Magento community and often participate in different Magento events. Please tell our readers about the most recent ones?

          The idea behind my presentations is to help developers avoid routine

          Sylvain: Recently I attended two Meet Magento events, in Leipzig, Germany, May 5 and in Milano, Italy, June 3-4. In both cases I was a speaker at the developer track presenting Varnish (Magento: I varnish you) and Composer (Manage your Magento dependencies with Composer). The idea behind my presentations is to help developers discover the topics, which are not always well known, but are closely related to their day-to-day activity.

          aW: Your presentation at Meet Magento Italy 2014 was dedicated to Composer – a dependency manager for PHP. Why did you choose this topic?

          Sylvain: The Firegento Association, a German Magento Community Association, regularly organizes Magento Hackathons in Germany and Switzerland. They also participate as Magento Doctors at Meet Magento Germany and Switzerland. The purpose of the Association is to support developers and the Magento community in general through hackathons and develop tools, which help us make our life easier or even to share knowledge and experience throughout the community.

          The Magento Composer Installer project is an example of a community driven project developed by a team during the Munich hackathon in 2012 by the following core contributors:

          Composer is very useful, but not very famouse in Magento world

          • Daniel Fahlke aka Flyingmana (Maintainer)
          • Jörg Weller
          • Karl Spies
          • Tobias Vogt
          • David Fuhr
          • Amir Tchavoshinia
          • Vinai Kopp (Maintainer)

          Composer is largely used in the Symfony2 eco-system and other PHP projects. It is very useful, but unfortunately not so very famous in Magento world. For those reasons and as a member of the Firegento Association, I wanted to promote the Magento Composer Installer project and share my experience of its implementation.

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            Instagram Connector Makes Sites Bright and Exciting

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            The power of social networks is undeniable and doesn’t require to be proven once again.

            The Instagram Connector Magento extensionYou have lots of options to bring this power to your store and collect traffic from numerous popular social networks. But it sounds even more appealing when you, in addition to traffic, have an opportunity to improve the appearance of your Magento store and make it bright and colorful.

            This opportunity is provided by the Instagram Connector Magento extension – one more useful partner product in our store.

            Instagram Connector

            The extension adds an Instagram widget to all pages of your site and allows visitors to view your recent Instagram photos on the site pages.

            Instagram Connector Frontend Block Positions

            It makes the pages attractive, more informative and increases the engagement of users with your account on Instagram, as customers are able to enter it in just one click and view there full-size pictures.

            Note: 71% of top-ranked world brands are presented on Instagram. Source: Simply Measured.

            The installation of the extension is extremely easy and takes just a couple of minutes. The module provides advance configuration options and allows you to specify the number of photos in the block and the URL to your Instagram account displayed in the frontend.

            Instagram Connector Backend Configuration

            Instagram Connector Backend Configuration

            So, simple, but very useful, the module adorns your Magento site and makes customers’ experience on site rich and cheerful; it makes customers perceive your brand social media oriented and advanced.

            Note: 25% of brands from the Fortune 500 list are on Instagram. Source: Thenextweb.

            If you feel that this module is what you need, you can find the full scope of the provided features on the product page or visit our demo store.

            If you have any further questions about this extension, you can ask them in comments below.


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              Llama Commerce – an Excellent Option for Transition from Magento Go and ProStores

              July 8th, 2014 No comments

              Recently Magento announced the upcoming transition of all merchants using Magento Go and ProStores to other eCommerce platforms, as the support and further development of these products are terminated by February, 2015.

              Such migration raises several issues to the affected merchants and the first one of them is the choice of a worthy successor for their business among other eCommerce platforms. Still taking care about customers, Magento offers several transition options most suitable for smooth and full-value migration, which are featured in the newly created Migration Centers.

              One of the few recommended products is the Llama Commerce Platform.

              Llama Commerce Platform

              This product is designed for those merchants who need more flexibility and control than provided by SaaS solutions and seek a platform for development and enlargement.

              Llama Commerce Platform

              The Llama Commerce Platform extends Magento with extremely valuable features, such as advanced user interface, new predefined widgets, or ready-installed Magento extensions for clear and straightforward shopping experience. As a result, Magento Community or Enterprise editions together with the Llama Commerce Platform are able to provide the necessary impact to your business.

              The platform is available in three options: Quick Launch, Jumpstart, and Custom build. All the provided options have their own advantages and are aimed to handle different sizes of businesses.

              In order to make your transition even easier, Classy Llama developed a special offer for its customers. So, if you enter the platform with the Simple Helix hosting, you receive the next additional benefits within the Quick Launch or Jumpstart options:

              • Free migration of your Magento Go data (customers, orders, products);
              • Free 60 days of hosting for e-Cart hosting plans;
              • Free SSL certificate.

              Thus, the challenge you face is more an unexpected offering rather than unpleasant event, as the transition to Llama Commerce Platform provides a new promising opportunity for your business. So, examine all the pros of the product and step forward without regrets.

              If you have something to add to this product, please share your ideas in comments below.


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