3 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

Each retailer would certainly like to retain customers and keep them happy with his brand as long as possible.

Today marketers have a chance to use multiple ways and approaches to implement this willing into life, but among those innovative and sometimes extraordinary methods we should not forget about traditional loyalty and reward programs.


These programs are usually closer to customers as they mostly offer discounts and other tangible benefits useful for all customer categories.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are effective and profitable for most merchants.

Retailers with a loyalty program, on average, are 88% more profitable than competitors who do not.” Source: Deloitte Research study: “Serving the Networked Customer.”

Today most retailers combine the pure idea of reward points with the multi-level membership granting customers special benefits, including better prices and discounts, exclusive offers and other special terms.

Searching for successful examples of effective loyalty programs used by some outstanding companies we stumbled upon a fashionable makeup boutique established by Petra Strand – Pixi by Petra.

Its Reward Policy is simple enough to be taken and appreciated at seconds and pretty beneficial to be involved to. It has tree levels depending on the number of customer orders, which provide 2, 3, or 5 points (pixi dust) for each spent $ accordingly. So it’s just simple and obviously beneficial. Great!

All You Need to Know or Once Again about Magento 2

Magento 2 is on the fast track now and the company pays much attention to its promotion among developers, which should embrace the new code as quickly as possible and then extend it further throughout the market. The turn of merchants will come a bit later, apparently, closer to the Merchant beta release.

Magento 2

But, no doubt that the whole Community is to get ready to meet Magento 2 fully equipped having a thorough understanding of the new platform. Starting from the very beginning we’ll try to collect some basic facts about Magento 2 and everything around it.

Magento 2 Tasks

The process of Magento 2 development is transparent for all members of the community and we greatly appreciate it. In line with this principle the Magento 2 team declared the main goals of the current enhancement:

  • Update the technology stack;
  • Simplify external integrations;
  • Improve performance and scalability;
  • Streamline the customization process;
  • Enable easier installations and upgrades;
  • Deliver better quality, testing resources, and documentation.

This way we can expect from Magento 2 to be an innovational product able to satisfy the requirements of developers and merchants in a neat and seamless manner.

Magento 2 in Google Trends

The popularity of Magento 2 is rising constantly in Google Trends over the time since 2009, as it is shown on the picture below. Lately Magento 2 reached its highest popularity in December 2014, and April 2015.

iPhone Theme Update: Great Appearance by Default

For more than two weeks the Google mobile-friendly update walks thru the web and some site owners have already felt its influence, while the others are just expecting the final sentence from Google.

iPhone Theme Update

Good or bad, positive or penalizing, everyone agrees that the only way to trick the search engine is to obey its rules and Magento merchants have an opportunity to choose the easiest way for that – iPhone Theme.

Quick Mobile Start

The iPhone Theme Magento extensionUsing this extension you are able to create a stunning mobile version of your store promptly and effortlessly.

The website you get meets all requirements for mobile websites, including the requirements of the Google mobile-friendly algorithm.

Advantageous Features

All the features of iPhone Theme put together are more than just a set of separate functions, but a holistic and advanced functionality:

  • One-column layout;
  • Customizable home page for mobile store view;
  • Touchscreen gallery with gestures support;
  • No pagination and page reloads (AJAX used);
  • The cart available from every page;
  • Multistore support;
  • And more…

Here, we present only a limited list of valuable features, while the comprehensive functionality description is available on the product page of the extension or you can try its functionality in action in our demo store.

New Features

Included Default Home Page
iPhone Theme is a flexible tool, which allows creating great mobile stores with individual design and appearance. Our demo store features the variant of the home page created basing on the iPhone Theme layout facilities.

According to numerous requests, many of our customers would like to have this home page included into the extension by default and the current update provides this very opportunity.

iPhone Theme Default Home Page

iPhone Theme Default Home Page

3-rd Party Checkout Extension Interference
Since the current version of the extension iPhone Theme is saved from possible interference of third-party checkout extensions and provides neat and accurate mobile checkout interface.


Aside from the sensational update from Google, we should clearly understand that the importance of Mobile devices increases in the omni-channel marketing strategy exponentially. According to Goldman Sachs, the number of people making purchases on smartphones is estimated to be 1.09 billion in 2018 and will constitute nearly half of all ecommerce. (Source: Marketingland.com)

This way, the importance of mobile-friendly sites is now in the highest point as they should become the starting point of your online success, and iPhone Theme is ideal for this beginning and further growth.

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Imagine 2015: Unbound Recap

The greatest annual Magento event was as usually stunning and incomparable. Each year it gives new impetus to the Magento ecosystem and, according to many opinions, it was simply amazing this year.

Imagine 2015

Imagine 2015 provided the long-awaited inspiration to all parties of the Community and empowered merchants, technologists and solution providers to move faster stepping over the obstacles and removing the boundaries on their way to the collective success.

Imagine 2015 in Figures

  • 3+ days;
  • 2400+ attendees from 45 countries;
  • 100+ speakers;
  • 23 special sessions, 10 breakout sessions, 3 general sessions;
  • 100 sponsors;
  • 2000+ tweets.

Imagine 2015 Timeline

Saturday, April 18
Saturday was the day of Pre-Imagine MageHackathon 2015. Organized by the Magento community it was not an official event, still it gathered together many famous Magento developers and activists: Fabrizio Branca, Tobias Zander, Alan MacGregor, Joshua Warren, Ben Marks, Karen Baker, and many others.

Magento Events in May 2015: European Trio

We are just getting our breath after Imagine 2015 while other Magento events are around the corner already.

Amid this, Europe takes the baton over in May and promises us a great journey from Denmark to Germany and further to the Netherlands.

Magento Events in May 2015: European Magento Triangle

Situated almost next to each other geographically these three Magento events differ considerably. Meet Magento Germany and Meet Magento Netherlands are already traditional European conferences taking place for the ninth and seventh times, accordingly. Meanwhile, Meet Magento Denmark is just starting its way and tries to find its unique format and flavor. So, we wish Meet Magento DK good luck.


Meet Magento Denmark 2015
Meet Magento Germany 2015
Meet Magento Netherlands 2015

Meet Magento Denmark 2015

Meet Magento Denmark is the first Magento conference in Denmark and going to bring together about 200 attendees and speakers. Divided into two tracks it will comprise 11+ inspirational presentations aiming to reveal the latest trends within Magento and ecommerce.

Meet Magento Denmark 2015

Kolding, Denmark

The conference will take place in Kolding on May 7, an important Danish seaport situated in Kolding Fjord. Scandiс Hotel, the venue of the event, is located along the E45 highway not far from the center of the city.

Implement Security Patches Immediately

Magento takes security seriously and asks its users to do the same.

Magento Security

Maintaining thousands of ecommerce stores Magento has always been a tasty morsel for numerous online criminals and now they’ve got a real opportunity to tear off a piece of this pie.

IMPORTANT The urgency of the latest security patches implementation has increased significantly since Magento shoplift (SUPEE-5344) exploits are detected in the wild.

Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

This remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability was found by Check Point and reported to Magento on January 14, 2015. Affecting both Magento Community and Enterprise editions the vulnerability is able to compromise any Magento-based web store and allow criminals to obtain complete control over the store and its sensitive data, including personal customer information.

On February 9, 2015 Magento released the SUPEE-5344 security patch and asked store owners to download and implement it first in a test environment and then on live sites.

But, by the time of the public disclosure (April 20, 2015) the overwhelming majority of Magento sites had not yet implemented the security patch and remained vulnerable for fraud attacks.

According to Sucuri, less than in 24 hours after the discloser they started to register attacks exploiting current vulnerability. Seemingly, they come from the same criminals using and IP addresses in Russia.

The malicious code tries to create a fake admin user in the Magento database leveraging SQL injections. If you suspect that your Magento store became the subject of attacks, try to find next usernames in your database: admin_user and ypwq, as these are the names they are using so far.

Protect Yourself

In order to protect your store Magento recommends you to implement both SUPEE-5344 and SUPEE-1533 security patches.

The patches and installation instructions are available on Magentocommerce.com.

You can also test your site for safety using Magento Shoplift Bug Tester v1.0 by Byte.


The increasingly frequent use of online stores brings security issues to the fore and makes merchants to plan their business in strict compliance with security rules and recommendations.

We also try to focus on the Magento security in our blog since we consider it to be as much important as store functionality and user experience. So, we encourage you to follow Magento security recommendations and keep your customers safe.

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How to Find Your Exclusive Brand Voice and Tone

Content constitutes a big part of any marketing strategy and its role is rising constantly.

The turn towards personal communications and the recent enthronement of useful content by Google force store owners to establish their own brand voice within the tremendous commercial polyphony. Today this mission is not just the way to improve branding, but the matter of survival.

Brand Voice and Tone

Usually marketers differentiate two aspects of the corporate sounding – brand voice and brand tone. The definition of brand voice given by Larsen Branding Agency is the following:

Brand voice is the purposeful, consistent expression of a brand through words and prose styles that engage and motivate.

Brand voice is a general concept, which includes brand tone as the way of brand expression exploiting the order of words, their rhythm, and pace.

Actually, both brand voice and tone are equally important since they deliver the values of your brand to customers in an understandable and familiar manner.

The customer audience and products largely shape the sound of your brand, but the exclusive features of the brand voice are the merit of your marketing strategy.

Identify Yourself

The first step toward a successful brand strategy and recognizable brand voice is to find out the main characteristics of your core customer audience. They do not only include their age and education, but perhaps, a specific language, human values, traditional behavior, etc.

Your brand voice should express their feelings and be so mentally close to customers.

The easiest way to find out the most suitable type of your brand voice is to imagine the portrait of a person or character, which embodies all values of your brand.

Having a detailed representation of this person you will easily determine the proper language, tone and, content.

Offer Human Values

Regardless of their income or position, people always appreciate basic human values: friendly advice, sympathy, relations, and humor. This way, human values are the basic elements of any effective brand voice.

But, in order to succeed you should be absolutely honest, authentic and consistent.

IMPORTANT Always tell people about the current state of your brand, not about what it will be in a few years or about how great it was before.