Three Continents for Late Autumn Magento Events

September 16th, 2014 No comments

This September the high season for Magento events has just started.

We were pleased to see successful Meet Magento Ukraine and Meet Magent Romania conferences, and we hope to tell you about the presentations and other interesting facts from these events in our future posts. Besides we still expect something equally astonishing in Russia and New York.

Three continents of the upcoming Magento events

Meet Magento Brazil 2014

But that’s not all for this autumn and for the festive mood and good weather. If you are going to visit Brazil this October, you’ll be able to return into summer. 25 centigrade degrees above is the average temperature value for Sao Paolo in October. Delightful! So, you can visit South America on October 6 with great pleasure.

Our next post is going to be solely about the Meet Magento Brazil 2014 conference, where we’ll not only highlight the main details of this great event, but will also share ticket discounts for our readers and give away four full-pass tickets for free. So, stay connected.

Magento Live Germany 2014

The next stop is good old Europe, to be precise – Germany. As usually, Magento Live Germany it is going to be a meeting of true minded people and upscale professionals in Munich, October 13-14.

Meet Magento Switzerland 2014

Switzerland, the homeland of high-class Magento developers, welcomes guests on October 24. We also have some discount coupons for you to visit this event and will share them a bit later, perhaps in late September.

The agenda of this event is defined almost completely and you can make sure that it worth to visit Zurich and Glattfelden.

rsz_mark83Did you know that Brazil has 38 Magento certified developers, Germany – 174, Switzerland -11, Australia – 58, Poland -81. Source: Magento.

Magento Live Australia 2014

Those who are excited about exotic countries and distant voyages will be definitely pleased to visit Australia this autumn, November 13-14. Sydney is wonderful in November with mild simmer climate and average temperature +24°. The Sydney Hilton hotel is ready to welcome participants of Magento Live Australia 2014 and will heartily open its business and leisure facilities.

Meet Magento Poland 2014

And the last event of this autumn is Meet Magento Poland 2014, November 24-25. It has just started selling tickets, so you can get advantage of early bird tickets sold for 499 zl per one full-pass ticket.

But if you want to try your luck, you can also take part in our contest and try to get a free ticket to this Magento event. The contest is scheduled to start late October, so mark this period in your calendar and visit our blog.

Thus, our readers have multiple opportunities to visit different  Magento conferences at discounted prices or even free of charge. Please, do not miss them – let’s learn and cooperate profitably.

Please share you ideas about this post in comments below.

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    Help Desk Ultimate 3.1 Accelerates the Processing of Tickets

    September 11th, 2014 No comments

    Streamline your communications into a single channel!

    The Help Desk Ultimate Magento extensionHelp Desk Ultimate – a robust ticket management module continues to improve and now the new 3.1 ver. is available to customers. The current release got numerous new features, which make the use of the extension even more comfortable and valuable. Most new features accelerate tickets processing and make clients feel satisfied with the quality of the customer service.

    Pay a well-deserved attention to the features below, which naturally and effectively save you time and retain customers.

    New Features

    Order number in the “Ticket Information” block
    If any processed ticket contains an order number, then this number is displayed in the “Ticket Information” block of the My Account area. This number represents a link to the initial order on frontend and helps customers to quickly recall issue details.

    Order number in the "Ticket Information" block

    Order Number in the “Ticket Information” Block

    Pre-selected tickets order in the “Tickets” grid
    All new and open tickets in the “Tickets” grid are now displayed first, which makes the selection of a new ticket for processing even simpler.

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      How to Effectively Display Products in Your Store

      September 9th, 2014 No comments

      A product page in your online store is like a shop window, which should not only attract customers, but persuade them to purchase, as well.

      Thus, no malfunctions, technical errors, or marketing mistakes are allowed there, as anywhere on your site. Effective arrangement of your product pages lead to increased sales and lower abandonment.

      How to Effectively Display Products in Your Store

      Despite a product page cannot be only composed of a product image, it is still the most important element for a customer.

      Note: In an online store, customers think that the quality of a product images is more important than product-specific information (63%), a long description (54%) and ratings and reviews (53%). Source:

      Effective images leave no unclear points about product properties and make customers purchase more after their careful examination. Images are not only better perceived by customers, but also leave longer impressions than words.

      The ultimate goal of any online store is to create a hedonic shopping experience, when shoppers do not only satisfy their tangible needs, but also enjoy the process of shopping.

      Use proper images
      Leading online sellers like Amazon and eBay weeded out some crucial minimal requirements for appropriate product images. According to them, images should be at least 500 pixels wide and contain products, which fill 85% of the image space.

      Exploit high-resolution images
      High-resolution images are not only the sign of good taste for online stores, which reflects your respect to customers, but they also enhance customer’s experience in your store and make possible zoom functionality applicable to any product image.

      Offer zoomable images
      Amazon merchants are also recommended to apply zoom functionality to hosted pictures as it helps customers more precisely understand all the properties and features of products.

      Show variety of views
      In order to deliver more information to customers about your products you should use multiple pictures exhibiting products from multiple angles. This is especially useful when selling items, which have complex spatial shapes like shoes, toys, furniture, etc.

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        Implementing Effective Magento + ERP Integrations

        September 5th, 2014 No comments

        ERP software is a vast part of the IT software market and grows further constantly.

        The sales potential of the ERP software now lies among small and average companies, which increasingly more often use ERP applications in their business practice.

        Magento ERP Integration

        According to Gartner, the ERP software market is mostly divided among 5 companies, which have more than 50% of the market share: SAP, Oracle, Sage, Infor, and Microsoft.

        Many of these ERP systems have a modular structure and allow customers to purchase only one or several necessary units. Moreover, most of ERP products are initially designed for small and midsized companies and suitable for the vast majority of Magento stores.

        SAP, Oracle, Sage, Infor, and Microsoft own 50%+ of the market share

        For easy integration with Magento ERP software providers offer dedicated extensions and currently Magento Connect contains more than 20 corresponding connectors.

        Still, most often you can cross with Open ERP connectors there. This fact reflects to some extent the popularity of this software among Magento store owners and ease of their mutual integration, but telling the truth, you can integrate you store with any ERP system.

        The choice of the ERP solution depends on several factors and requires much time to be made, as the offers are truly multiple.

        Selecting ERP Systems

        Conscious striving
        For the successful implementation of an ERP system you should be ready to spend a lot of time and efforts. Besides, as this process is very complicated and affects all aspects of any company, it should be directly supported and promoted by the upper management.

        Clear requirements
        Before starting you should have clear requirements to the future ERP software based on your specific business processes and system demands. The more specific your request is, the more appropriate proposals you will get from ERP vendors.

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          Magento Live UK 2014: Best Presentations Overview

          September 4th, 2014 No comments

          In our blog we widely announce upcoming Magento conferences, but most likely our readers still miss the main value of these events – the word of wisdom provided by conference speakers in their presentations.

          So, we want to correct this omission and provide you small summaries of the most interesting and useful presentations from multiple Magento events. We are going to post main points and most valuable tips from those presentations you could easily choose the best for your taste and read them in details, if necessary.

          We are starting from the latest Magento conference of this summer – Magento Live UK 2014. It was actually full of noticeable speeches, but we are going to highlight only those ones focused on marketing and sales.

          MLUK14 Presentations

          Transforming Retail into Me-Tail


          Ben StavelyBen Stavely, Head of eCommerce, dotMailer Jonny DixonJonny Dixon, eCommerce Channel Manager, dotMailer

          The main idea provided behind this presentation is treating customers as individuals rather than just data in your reports. Shopping is a personal experience and requires from you a personal attitude to each customer.

          Each customer has a lot of individual characteristics, including gender, age, habits, etc. These data is not obvious, but still can be derived from various sources as Magento store or social networks. For example, we can outline the profile of each customer basing on his purchase volume, dates of purchases, shipping addresses, and the data from multiple social media.

          People also like to provide you the feedback about their purchasing experience, so do not hesitate to ask them about it. Furthermore, using of different available analytic services will additionally enrich your customer statistics, including their in-store behavior.

          So, show customers that you care about them, send them only personal notifications, and remember: “A 5% increase in retention yields profit increases of 25 to 100%.” (Source: dotMailer).

          Optimize Your Site Conversion for Holiday 2014


          Matt AlthauserMatt Althauser, General Manager EMEA, Optmizely

          In his presentation Matt shares the experience gained by Optimizely through multiple tests made for their clients and defines several most important optimization areas you should pay attention to in your Magento store: user flows, category and product pages, and customer segmentation.

          User Flows
          This section of the presentation examines four cases of site forms optimizations, which confirm that the simplicity is the main principle of the interaction with customers within your online store. The reduced number of form fields in each case leaded to significant increasing of sign ups, conversions, or other types of engagement.

          Category Product Pages
          The best variant of a category or product page is not always obvious and the wisest decision is to test the changes before their actual implementation. Sometimes seemingly effective and attractive changes are not leading to real improvements, while truly efficient variants are not always conspicuous.

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            2015 E-Commerce Trends: What to Expect

            September 2nd, 2014 2 comments

            Editor’s note: The new academic year has just started and this is a signal for e-Commerce merchants to intensify their preparations for the upcoming holiday season and looming ahead 2015 business year. What should we expect from this year and what are the main tendencies to be ready for? We are providing the assessment of the current situation in the e-Commerce market by Natalia Kliashtoforska, a marketing manager at Cart2Cart.

            Each year yields something new and useful in all spheres of our life. The e-Commerce market keenly feels those novelties and modern tendencies as it is directly connected to technologies, which go forward non-stop. Do you remember the previous year trends like localization, personalization, social media integration?

            It has not been easy to cope with all the changes, but those merchants who are succeeding now, have surely been working hard to keep pace with the times and satisfy their customers’ needs. However, what are the major expected e-Commerce trends of 2015 and the ways they can affect online business?

            E-Commerce Trends

            E-Commerce Trends

            Mobile Age
            It is expected that mobile online sales will grow up to 25% of the total number making this tendency hard to be ignored. However, the figures are not the reason to argue, but the hand of help, which shows you the right direction. Therefore, as a number of smartphones and tablets is growing increasingly merchants need to focus on apps creation and implementation to make their stores responsive and convenient for mobile users.

            Mobile shopping retail sales

            First of all, you have to take care about positive experience via computer, as well as portable devices. So, if your business strategy is not optimized for the mobile age, then you’d better pull up the rear, for sure.

            Social Commerce
            Have you ever asked yourself the question – what your target audience is and where you can reach it? Nowadays the variety of social networks gives you a possibility to contact your potential customers in a straightforward way all over the world. Moreover, you may perform multiple researches for better understanding of their needs and requirements.

            US social commerce sales

            Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other popular resources have become the points, where vendors get a chance to encourage customers. Different notifications about discounts, special offers, and bestsellers can influence their decision to make purchases. So, create events, offer giveaways, run promos, post product videos, and get in touch with your fans easily.

            And finally, it is not a secret that a large part of purchases are influenced by recommendations, comments, and information, which are placed in social media. Thus, as social networks become an integral part of marketing strategy, keep an eye out for this trend, which can affect your business significantly.

            Big Data and Analytics
            Catching customers’ attention is a very promising task, which can bring multiple benefits to thousands of online merchants. The year of 2014 presented an effective tool for it – big data and analytics. How does it work and what are the secrets of reaching success using these opportunities?05

            Develop the strategy, which is going to be beneficial for users, grab the possibility to get needed information, and collect the necessary data, which can be useful for your e-Commerce goals. Eventually, big data and analytics may become a business lifeline and way for understanding of the customers’ behavior and creating a successful business model.

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              aheadWorks Discounts and Special Offers – Save and Purchase More

              August 29th, 2014 No comments

              We all know that most online merchants provide numerous promotional incentives to their customers: discounts, coupons, special offers, etc.

              But sometimes customers just have no time to aggregate the entire list of available opportunities for savings.

              Price is not an Obstacle

              We do not want our customers be among those fellows and provide you the list of available discounts, coupons, aheadWorks Reward Policy terms, and other benefits for your convenience. Just bookmark this post and wisely plan your purchases from aheadWorks since that time.

              aheadWorks Discounts

              Our company offers several regular discounts to our customers, which are delivered to all customer groups on an ongoing basis.

              5% discount for two and more items in a cart
              This discount is applied to the subtotal amount of the cart, which contains two or more products.

              Discounts Facebook followers coupon code
              All Facebook followers can take advantage of the provided discount applicable to all extensions and themes in our store. The coupon code with the 5% discount one can find here.

              Special Offers

              Each product page in our store contains a “Special Offer” tab, where you can find current best offers on our products. So, don’t forget to visit it during your sessions at our store.

              One free month of aheadMetrics use
              Today we provide free one-month trial period of the aheadMetrics analytics service, which allows you to import an unlimited number of orders for your reports.

              Note: Multiple reports of the aheadMetrics service allow you to generate detailed statistics of your business in real time.

              Special Offer

              30% off the Market Segmentation Suite 2.0 extension
              The discount is guaranteed for those customers, who buy Market Segmentation Suite 2.0 along with one or several following extensions: Advanced Newsletter, Points & Rewards, Z-Blocks, Follow Up Email, Checkout Promo, Pop-up+, Order Tags.

              Note: Market Segmetation Suite is integrated with all these extensions and vastly expands the functionality of each mentioned above module.

              SAS + Advanced Search = 20% off when bought together
              Trying to make valuable Magento functionality more affordable for our customers aheadWorks provides sufficient discounts on integrated modules. And now we offer a 20% discount on the Advanced Search and Search Autocomplete and Suggest extensions, if these modules are purchased within one order.

              Note: The integration of the mentioned above products allows you to use all facilities of the Sphinx search engine multiplied by the rich functionality of the SAS extension.

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