Advanced Reports 2.0 for Magento 2: Data for Ideas and Results

Advanced Reports 2.0 for Magento 2 is the first major product update in 2017.

Scheduled a while ago it is coming just at the right time you could evaluate the results of holiday sales and make informed decisions for the next year.

Advanced Reports 2.0 for Magento 2: Data for Ideas and Results

Advanced Reports 2.0 for Magento 2

New Sales Detailed Report

Possibly the biggest enhancement provided by the current update is the new Sales Detailed Report. The report intends to reveal all significant aspects of sales in one grid, including product names and SKUs, multiple customer and order attributes, versatile totals and so on. Altogether the Sales Detailed grid may contain 30+ columns available for filtering and sorting. Magento admins are able to customize the view of the grid with the columns they need and disable unnecessary sales attributes.

This report may contain either all orders or the orders without refunded items. The last option is more accurate in terms of the net cash flow, but if you need to determine the whole sales volume, you should switch on the Include Refunded Items radio button in the Report Settings section.

Sales Detailed Report

Sales Detailed Report

The Sales Detailed Report is especially useful for data mining as far as it allows you to find links and discover hidden relations between any aspects of sales even if they seem to be free of any dependence.

Magento is Great for B2B Ecommerce

Ecommerce is an extremely changing environment and it constantly involves new industries and embraces new selling patterns and forms.

Started with online commercial documentation exchanges now ecommerce seems to be able to provide a sterling shopping experience for any commercial sphere, including B2B.

Magento B2B Ecommerce Platform

B2B Ecommerce

Although B2B is quite new in online sales its perspectives are estimated to be very promising. According to Forrester*, in 2019 the B2B ecommerce market is going to worth twice as much as the B2C one with the sales volume of $1.1 Trillion against $480 Billion.

The reasons shaping that booming growth are quite trivial and result from the aspiration of B2B buyers to save time and efforts. Just now, 74% of them discover half or more of their business purchases online before buying and 30% actually buy products there. But, this share is going to almost double in 2017 up to 56% making B2B sellers to struggle for that coveted prize*.

Since the competition in the B2B ecommerce segment becomes tough online store owners are ready to provide here only perfect shopping experience, comparable to the B2C segment. But, as far as B2B requires significantly different functionality, more complicated in most cases, the first coming question is to choose the best platform able to pave a highway from catalog to checkout perfectly suitable for B2B customers.

The Post Holiday Season and How to Make the Best of It

At the end of each year we look forward to the holiday season and chase away the thoughts about the post-holiday period obstinately. However, it always comes regardless of our fears and pleas.

The Post Holiday Season and How to Make the Best of It

We accustomed to consider this period as an inevitable payoff for the holiday sales boom and strive to find the ways to mitigate and shorten its negative consequences. So, what is the way to turn the After Holiday Season to good account and retain sales or at least avoid any sufficient stress for your online business?

FAQ Pages: Benefits and Tips

The way to provide information in the FAQ format is ancient, e.g. Plato’s dialogues date back to fourth century BCE.

Going through that long period of existence FAQ sections are currently widespread on different websites and their popularity is not unreasonable.

FAQ Pages: Benefits and Tips

FAQ Benefits

This communication tool is able to talk, persuade, explain, save time, save efforts, build relations and sell. Sounds too good? Not at all. The benefits of FAQ pages are numerous and worth to take care about on your Magento web store.

Time Savings

Most perspectives and customers care about similar or even the same things and need only straight answers. The way to manage them individually is extremely inefficient and time consuming for your customer service team. It’s much wiser to answer them on FAQ pages and avoid unnecessary calls and conversations.

Magento 2 Migration is a Beaten Track

Half a year ago we described some available options to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2. They offered a real way to complete the transition and enjoy the advantages of better functionality and code provided by Magento 2.

Magento 2 Migration is a Beaten Track

Today we are going to discover the number of Magento 1 stores that found it beneficial to migrate to Magento 2 and how they look and feel now. For the purpose we took a list of Magento stores from Alexa 1 Mln top websites downloaded more than a year ago, back in May 2015 and found out there the stores that currently use Magento 2.

The Profile of Former Magento Stores Migrated to Magento 2

According to our estimations, the share of migrated Magento 2 stores in the whole number of Magento 2 websites contained in Alexa 1 Mln is 36%. These detected stores are currently placed on Magento 2 while in the middle of 2015 they used Magento 1.

New Reward Points for Magento 2 Makes Customers Loyal and Engaged

Reward points are among the most widespread and effective loyalty programs due to their ecommerce relevance, transparency and intangible nature.

They are especially advantageous for merchants as it doesn’t require immediate spendings, including rebates, cash back payments or free gifts, still they allow retaining customers and making them to purchase more beneficially.

New Reward Points for Magento 2 Make Customers Loyal and Engaged

The business logic behind such programs is quite easy. Customers are rewarded with points for some useful activities, e.g. newsletter subscriptions, reviews, social media sharings and sales, of course. Later, they can spend accumulated points on their next purchases, get new points and so on around the circle.

The Reward Points extension for Magento 2Except the main task converting accidental shoppers into regular customers, such programs allow merchants to collect a lot of customer related data and measure obtained results. For example, using the new Reward Points extension for Magento 2 by Aheadworks you’ll be able to segment customers by their lifetime order values. Reward Points are suitable for both SMBs and enterprise companies.

Reward Points for Magento 2

The Reward Points extension is a successor of our Points & Rewards module tailored for Magento 2 stores and designed according to the latest platform’s coding standards and requirements.

Aheadworks Extensions Fit Any Online Business

We continue the series of blog posts revealing the ways how different online stores take advantage of the Aheadworks Magento extensions.

This overview covers lightning, perfume and even hunting equipment online sellers. All the projects are are presented, developed and supported by our partner 121eCommerce.


Every Successful Relationship is Built on Frequent and Clear Communication

“We focus on creating and maintaining a relationship with our clients where we can leverage our experience and expertise to create ongoing value for both new and existing sites. We have found that this level of communication enables us to provide guidance and support for our client’s eCommerce initiatives and provide support for Development, Business Analysis, Client Management, UI & UX”

On average, the projects below use 3-7 Aheadworks extensions with a set of versatile functionality capabilities relevant to their particular business needs.

Lights Online

This company’s origin is a family-owned business with a 50-year history that started in 2009. The online store is based on Magento and includes 3 backend and 4 frontend related Aheadworks extensions.