Magento vs. Shopify: Different Profiles of Ecommerce

Magento and Shopify are two powerful platforms working for the needs of the ecommerce market.

Though operating in the same industry, these two solutions were developed in different ways. In this article, we will determine the current market position of each platform and consider their future perspectives.

Magento vs. Shopify: Different Profiles of Ecommerce

Study Description

In our study, we performed a comparative analysis of web stores that run either on the Shopify or Magento ecommerce platforms. All the data was obtained from the according BuiltWith databases.

Our research explores five website parameters:

  • Alexa Top 1 Mln rating positions;
  • The profiles of products in catalogs;
  • Average prices per product types;
  • Countries and languages of the studied stores.

Some of the above parameters are provided by Builtwith as it is, while others are derived from the representative samples build upon the related Magento and Shopify databases.

24 Ideas How to Conduct Efficient Email A/B Testing

A well-thought-out email strategy helps businesses to notably increase conversion rates, especially during the holidays when the demand for particular products is considerably higher than usually.

24 Ideas How to Conduct Efficient Email A/B Testing

But how can you know what emails can produce the desired effect on customers and encourage them to make a purchase? Only by experimenting with different variants of letters! In this article, we will give you some tips on how to organize an effective email campaign through A/B testing (or split testing) of emails.

Email A/B Testing

If you are running a Magento 2 web store and need to test different versions of emails, a smart choice here is to use the recently updated Follow Up Email Extension 2.0. The solution provides the A/B Testing Mode, which can be enabled on the Edit Email page in the Magento 2 Admin Panel.

How To Configure Online Payment Methods in Magento 2: Quick Tutorial

In addition to basic payment methods, Magento 2 allows you to set up online payment methods offered by third-party companies. In this article, we will consider each method individually.

How To Configure Online Payment Methods in Magento 2: Quick Guide

The same as in the case with the configuration of basic payment methods, the configuration of every 3-d party payment method starts with choosing the Merchant Location option of your web store, in the Merchant Country field.

1. PayPal Express Checkout

PayPal Express Checkout is the payment option that enables customers to pay by a credit card or to make payments from a secure PayPal account. During the checkout process, a customer is redirected to the PayPal site to specify the payment information. Then, he is returned to the web store to complete the checkout process.

Before setting up PayPal for your Magento 2 web store, make sure that you have a PayPal account. When configuring this payment option, you will need your PayPal authorization data.

Follow Up Email 2.0: Manage, Target, Test, Improve

Why don’t your follow ups work? Of course, you know the reason better, but bet it’s something about guessing, perhaps very professional and educated, still…

Follow Up Email 2.0: Manage, Target, Test, Improve
You know that you wander in the dark vainly trying to find out the points of influence on your shopping audience to make them recover carts, send you some valuable feedback or make repeated purchases. Now you can turn the situation in your favor.

Follow Up Email 2.0 for Magento 2

Follow Up Email 2.0 now is ready to dispel the darkness and offer you a solution for easily managed, precisely targeted, comprehensively tested, and highly-efficient follow-ups.

Business Values

  • Successful new and repeat sales;
  • Effective retention of current shoppers;
  • Continuous customer relations and high brand loyalty;
  • Clear insights for performance enhancements.

How To Configure Basic Payment Methods in Magento 2: Quick Tutorial

In this article, we’ll consider the basic payment methods supported by Magento 2 and describe how to configure them for a web store.

How To Configure Basic Payment Methods in Magento 2: Quick Tutorial

Initially, Magento 2 supports several basic payment methods that do not require the services of third-party payment processing companies.

To configure any of the methods, first, you should go to Stores in your Admin Panel and then open the Configuration section. From this section, you can start to set up the required method.

The configuration of every payment method starts with choosing the Merchant Location of the store, for which the settings should be applied. To do this, click on the drop-down list next to the Merchant Country field.

Merchant Location for Magento Payments

Merchant Location for Magento Payments

If you leave this field blank, the country you specified in the General Config section will be selected automatically.

So, let’s consider each method individually.

1. Cash On Delivery Payment

The Cash On Delivery Payment method can be set as the default payment option for a web store. If needed, this method can be chosen for some particular countries.

First, in the Configuration menu, expand Sales and click on the Payment methods tab in the panel under Sales.

Here, you will see the list of payment methods. Find the Cash On Delivery Payment section and click on it to expand. The panel with all the required settings will be opened.

6 Non-price Methods of Sales Promotions: Pros and Cons

In the first part of our article on efficient promotion methods, we discussed the price-based tactics of sales promotions.

Non-price Methods of Sales Promotions: Pros and Cons

One should say that these methods are effective only in the short run. In contrast, non-pricing methods can bring a long-lasting positive effect. So, let’s consider those approaches and find out what are the main pros and cons of each of them.


This method refers to free distribution of product samples. Traditional channels of the sample distribution are the following:

  • magazines with samples attached to advertisings;
  • mini-samples attached to related products (for example, washing powder comes with a test bottle of conditioner);
  • hand to hand distribution in public places.

6 Price-based Sales Promotion Methods: Pros and Cons

Convincing a buyer to make a purchase is not an easy task.

Before buying something, people compare different options. For some consumers, the price is important, others pay attention to the quality, and someone wants to buy goods provided with additional services. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully choose certain sales promotion methods depending on your business goals.

Price-based Sales Promotions: Pros and Cons

Sales promotion are reasonable to:

  • to mitigate losses during low seasons;
  • to attract attention to a company on some occasions (events);
  • to counteract competitors’ activities;
  • to encourage and motivate consumers.

The main goal of sales promotions is to make a buyer act immediately. In this article, we’ll describe the most effective pricing methods and consider their main pros and cons. The information will help you outline the methods to use when planning promotional activities. So, let’s start.

“Loss leader”

This method implies selling a product at a deliberately low price. As a rule, this price is lower than the market cost of a product, which is done for the purpose of advertising. By using this method, vendors expect customers to buy other products with high margins able to compensate losses and reach the general profitability benchmark.

ConnectPOS and Reward Points: The Integration that Bridges Online and Offline Sales

The ultimate goal of any complex business is to combine online and offline sales efficiently.

ConnectPOS and Reward Points: The Integration that Bridges Online and Offline Sales

Only this way it can embrace the whole retail domain and offer products successfully regardless of a particular sales channel. Both, ecommerce operators with brick-and-mortar showrooms and traditional merchants extended to the online segment need the solutions that enable them to provide consistent shopping experience.

ConnectPOS and Reward Points Integration

In order to bring this idea to life, just recently Aheadworks and SmartOSC implemented a new project that integrates ConnectPOS and the Reward Points extension for Magento 2.

Business Idea

It is well known that loyalty programs attract customers and make them consider repeat purchases from a certain retailer. However, offline stores are limited by their location and not able to engage wider areas with only traditional promotions. Online users are more dynamic and able to make purchases from anywhere.

Using the integration opportunities, customers who made their first purchases offline are able to dive into online purchases without losses in loyalty and brand value. The same thing, initially online customers can visit their favorite stores regardless of their own location and, this way, increase the brand’s operational area considerably.

Who Leads the Market of Ecommerce Platforms in 2017?

Recently, we made an overview of the ecommerce market to determine the CMS most preferred by online stores in 2017.

Who Leads the E-commerce Market in 2017?
Since our last study conducted in March 2016, many things changed. A number of ecommerce platforms made their way in the leaderboard, however, some solutions lost their positions. So, the current standings are presented below.

Study Description

Our findings are based on the data provided by BuiltWith. This service studies the eCommerce market providing the audience with the latest statistical reports in this field. In our overview, we analyzed the same number of most popular online platforms as in 2016 in order we could compare their achievements for the last year.

First, the study goes through the first 10K BuiltWith listing of ecommerce stores. Then, we analyzed the situation in a more global context – for 100K web stores. And finally, we conducted a general overview of the market that includes the one million pool of web stores presented by BuiltWith.

Autumn Sale, September 26-28: Ready, Steady, Go!

The high season of online sales is coming and we are ready to facilitate your efforts on the successful start and fruitful results.

Autumn Sale, September 26-28: Ready, Steady, Go!
The three-day sale starting September 26 invites everyone to purchase any Magento extensions from Aheadworks and save 25% of the initial price.

Although the sale is valid through the whole catalog make sure that you do not miss the solutions ready to contribute to your success instantly, available both for Magento 2 and Magento 1 stores.

The Smart One Step Checkout for Magento 2Smart One Step Checkout. The extension is an innovative checkout solution combining both the purchase-incentive user interface and advanced checkout management system.

The Follow Up Email extension for Magento 2Follow Up Email. In a few days we’re going to present a new version of the extension bringing even better targeting facilities and deliberate analytical system, including A/B tests.

The Gift Card extension for Magento 2Gift Card is an indispensable solution for holiday sales powered with custom designs, personal messages, flexible delivery options, and numerous other functional opportunities.

Automatic Related Products for Magento 2

Automatic Related Products. The extension allows you to conduct on-site promotions easily offering customers product alternatives and making more sales.

The Reward Points for Magento 2Reward Points. Using the Reward Points extension you can motivate customers to make their first purchase during the holiday season and stay with you for a long time.

Note that you can update our products anytime and for free.

17 E-Commerce KPIs or How to Manage an Online Store to Make Profits

To achieve success in the e-commerce field one should be guided by such inviolable rules of trade as the measurement of key performance indicators (KPIs).

Simply put, measure everything that can be measured and you will eventually understand the indicators influencing capital formation and be able to correct them in time.

17 E-Commerce KPIs or How to Manage an Online Store to Make Profits

There is a huge number of indicators that can be analyzed and taken into account when developing a business strategy or when assessing its economic components. Which of them should be prioritized is up to you, but you need to learn key positions by heart for building successful sales.

In this article, we will talk about how to properly monitor the effectiveness of e-commerce sales.

Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source Today: What’s Changed with The Release of Magento 2.2

As you already know the Magento team has renamed its products just recently.

Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source Today: What’s Changed with The Release of Magento 2.2

Now, the CMS is available as Commerce Edition (formerly Enterprise Edition) and Open Source Edition (formerly Community Edition).

Lately, the team introduced the release candidate of its platform – Magento 2.2 that should provide users with a whole new experience of work with the platform. In this article, we will find out what to expect with this new release. But first, let’s remember how it all began.

The Future of Voice Technologies to Increase Online Sales

Internet business development is based on huge data streams, so the result of any online business performance depends on the ability to work with them. In this context, artificial intelligence (AI) is not only the present of internet trade but also its promising future.

Today, marketers, internet sellers, and distributors are already starting to use personal assistants, chatbots, automated merchandising and retargeting systems – but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Future of Voice Technologies to Increase Online Sales

Modern AI technologies do not just impartially analyze big data, they literally carefully study a user. The issues of focus are the interests of a buyer, the history of purchases, their frequency, views and preferences, buying behavior, etc. This is a real breakthrough for e-commerce field, which opens a completely new opportunity – to predict a purchase and begin the process of selling goods beforehand.

Voice Assistants

When it comes to speech recognition, most people, first of all, want to implement two widespread solutions: automatically turn a spoken language into a text and communicate with an automatic translator. Fortunately, both are possible thanks to voice assistants from Google, Amazon, and others.

Aheadworks Products Made and Updated in August

Here comes the next business year and we’d like to tell our customers about the work that have been done by our team in August.

Aheadworks Products Made and Updated in August

Today we’ll present a new product and latest extension updates of Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions.

Marketplace Theme for Magento 2

What is the ultimate goal of any Magento store? You may say that they are multiple, and will be be just right. However, if expressed in two plain words it’s something like ‘excellent look and great performance’. And that’s exactly what the new Marketplace Theme by Aheadworks is made for.

Ecommerce Data Aggregators Transform the Landscape

The most obvious ecommerce trend is that online sales grow and obtain all the characteristics of the global digital market, including indispensable involvement of big data, data exchange and standardization.

Ecommerce Data Aggregators Transform the Landscape

Successful ecommerce becomes too complicated to be build individually. The rising competition makes merchants engage third party services like data aggregators enhancing different aspects of the sales process, including product pages and reviews, sales statistics, etc. Below we’ll highlight some services proved to be ready to add more value and insight to any online store and for any seller.