Advanced Reports 2.5 for Magento 2 Focuses on Customers

The ongoing efforts we take developing our Advanced Reports extension for Magento 2 resulted in yet two new reports added to this solution. Now, the module contains 18 reports totally.

Advanced Reports 2.5 for Magento 2 Focuses on Customers

The new reports of Advanced Reports 2.5 are focused on the customer related information. Traditionally, the statistics is presented in the form of a drill-down and the Customer Sales report is the first level of your business intelligence.

Customer Sales Report

Customer Sales

Actually, the report is the first level of the customer segmentation drill-down and allows you to inspect the ranges of customers that bring sales to your store. The report consists of two sections – the grid and the bar chart.

The chart presents data segmented by the specified sales ranges, including the number of buyers, orders, purchased items, their percent in total sales, and total sales in absolute values. For example, if one of your target ranges is between $100-249.99, it means that the segment contains the customers with total sales amounts within this range only.

The Chart of the Customer Sales Report

The Chart of the Customer Sales Report

The grid of the report contains the same information ready to be filtered and sorted if the number of ranges is quite big. It is also provides you with an entrance to the next report level.

The Grid of the Customer Sales Report

The Grid of the Customer Sales Report

Customers (specific sales range)

As soon as you tap on a specific sales range you enter the second report that contains the list of customers falling into this span and their detailed information, including customer email, group, country, region, phone number, total purchases, date of the last order, last login date, etc.

Customers of Specific Ranges

Customers of Specific Ranges

Sales Range Settings

The number of available customer segments is unlimited, so you can tailor segmentation precisely to your business needs. The sales range settings are available from the extension Configuration section.

Customer Sales Range Settings

Customer Sales Range Settings

Business Values

The business benefits provided by the set of reports are great since no business is able to operate successfully without knowing its customers and partners in detail.

Segment sales by customers. What customer groups purchase most? What are their contribution into total sales? Do they usually purchase one or several items in one order? How many premium customers you have? How big is your consumer core? These are the questions you can easily answer using the reports.

Unlock buyers potential. You can see what kind of customers purchase mostly cheap/expensive items by countries, customer groups, last activity dates, etc.

Differentiate promotions and offers. Using the provided detailed information you can create specific offers, discounts, and other promotions for particular customers groups, either wide or narrow as you wish.

Personalize communications. The segment of premium customers allows you to get knowing them personally and stay in touch. Thus, you can consider their wishes fully and motivate them efficiently.

The Advanced Reports extension for Magento 2


So, Advanced Reports 2.5 with the included Customer sales report is already available for purchasing and updating in our Magento 2 store. The whole relevant information and demonstration store links are also provided on the product page of the extension.


Shara Jones

about 2 weeks ago

Good Day! Excellent post! Thank you for sharing this. It’s really more helpful and essential for many people. Actually it’s a good explanation about advanced reports 2.5 for magento 2 focuses on customers. Once again it's a great info.


Dmitry Shatkov

about 1 day ago

Thank you.


Amit Patel

about 1 week ago

I think this is a good addition to reports. It can help the website admin to get an idea of what people are buying. It can also help webmaster to get different sales figure with this diverse range of filters.


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