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Back from the Netherlands: “Magento Dutch Market Will Grow”

Our guys, Matt Krivoshein and Peter Samoilov, have just returned from the Meet Magento event in the Netherlands. More than 350 Magento enthusiasts gathered together to share ideas, experience and thoughts about the future of Magento project. We were happy to see our partners from Studio Emma, WebShopApps, Atwix and some others.

While Matt was dealing with general questions on how aheadWorks can improve store functionality, Peter, CTO at aheadWorks, was healing Magento merchants and curing their technical problems.

Read what Matt and Peter say about the Meet Magento NL 2013

Matt KrivosheinMATT KRIVOSHEIN, CMO: Unfortunately, there was no Internet available on the first conference day (May 29). However, it didn’t affect us that much. Some of my basic observations:

  • Magento Doctors were the most popular guys during the event;
  • Roy Rubin has disappeared right after his impressive keynote. That’s a pity.
  • Magento team has learned some Dutch words (‘dank u wel means ‘thank you’);
  • Lots of Magento merchants still use CE 1.4;
  • Ede is a very nice town for working – its environment is quiet and peaceful. All attractions are 100 km away – in Amsterdam;

I want to thank Marc Dekkers and Guido Jansen for organizing and taking charge of such an awesome conference, Tom Robertshaw for a well thought presentation, Viacheslav Kravchuk and Karen Baker for keeping us a  good company.

Peter Samoilov

PETER SAMOILOV, CTO: Meet Magento Netherlands seems to become one of the largest events in the EU – it gathers more and more participants every year.

This time I was acting both as a guy at aheadWorks booth and as Magento Doctor at first. I have to say that being such kind of a ‘doctor’ is really exciting: I met real Dutch merchants with their actual Magento problems and helped them out to resolve their issues. A lot of questions were related to performance and store speed, so it’s probably the most troublesome part of Magento.

The only bad thing about being Magento Doctor was that I had no time to attend keynotes at all :).

But if you ask me about my preferences – listening to keynotes or being a doctor and helping merchants – I will choose the second option undoubtedly.


We Announce a Game Quest at Meet Magento Germany! Unravel Mystery from aheadWorks

Five days left until Meet Magento Germany in Leipzig! It’s likely you started preparing yourself for the meetup (at least mentally), so the closer the due date is the more excited you get about meeting old friends, drinking German bear and listening to Magento presentations, of course.

Even though we can’t chill with you there (by the way, get used to saying ‘Prost!’ billions of times in Germany), we, nonetheless, want to be sure you’ll have a lot of fun during the event. So we came up with a GAME QUEST for all Meet Magento De participants.

As a motivation for you to play with aheadWorks, we’ll reward with $100 discount on our products everyone who completes the game and finds out a magic coupon word. So you’ll have fun, get acquainted with peer participants, stretch your brain and finally obtain $100 gift discount code. Damn easy, right?

Rules of the Game

When you enter the Westin Hotel on June 3, event organizers will give you bags with sponsor advertising materials. At this point you need to open the bag and pick up the aheadWorks flyer (see the samples below).

Game quest from aheadWorks  Put together   Game quest from aheadWorks

Your flyer will contain the part of the magic coupon keyword (either the first or the second piece), so you should find the missing half to get $100 discount. How to do it?

  1. Approach other attendees and put your aheadWorks flyers together.
  2. If the word you got makes sense, scan QR code.
  3. Apply this coupon code to any extension. $100 will be in your pocket!*

For example, you may get the flyer with the ‘nir …’ word part. When you detect the other flyer with the ‘… vana’ half, you can build the whole word ‘nirvana’ and it will become $100 coupon to apply via QR code.

I won’t tell you how many meaningful words you can compose (hint: not more that 10). But I assure you I beat my brains out to make up decent words and cause you break a sweat. 😉

Good luck and enjoy the game!

*Both you and your comrade can use the same code.

Meet Magento Netherlands: Get Treatment from Magento Doctor Peter Samoilov and Welcome to Our Stand #6

Hey guys, what are you up to in May? If this breezy month is too charming for you to stay home and devote your entire time to work, go pack your stuff and join aheadWorks on the trip to Ede, the Netherlands. On May 29-30 this Dutch city will become a national meeting point for Magento merchants and developers, where we all will have fun, practice active networking and do business at the same time. Yes, Meet Magento Netherlands is coming and we know what might blow your mind.

Meet Magento NL

As Meet Magento NL participants and friends of organizers, we have 5 FREE tickets available for merchants to visit Meet Magento NL.

One Free Ticket and Discount Coupons for Meet Magento Germany from aheadWorks! Read How to Get Them

It’s been a year since we visited Leipzig, met local Magento fans there and shared our impressions on it in our blog. But the best moments should always be renewed, and today we are glad to inform our readers about Meet Magento Germany coming back to Leipzig on June 3-4, 2013. This event is held by dear friend of ours, Netresearch, and we help them spread the word about it.

Meet Magento Germany

Good news! Being close friends with organizers, we have an opportunity to offer exclusive bonuses for aheadWorks blog readers only – one FREE 2-day ticket and a couple of €45 discount coupon codes to attend Meet Magento Germany.  

Wanna get them? Write a message on our Facebook wall or in Twitter with #aheadWorks hashtag, explaining why you are interested in the Magento Meetup in Leipzig. A free ticket will be given away according to the ‘first come, first serve’ principle.

Info about the conference: More than 500 participants from Germany and the neighboring countries will be expected for this annual conference. The event offers a unique opportunity to interchange with many enthusiastic decision makers and experts about Magento eCommerce. The target groups of the Meet Magento Germany are merchants, eCommerce leader, developers and online agencies.

Do not forget to examine your conference bags carefully and find some special offers from aheadWorks! Bis dahin wünschen wir Ihnen alles Gute!

Hirokazu Nishi about Magento in Japan: “I Recommend Starting a Business on Magento Here, but with Caution”

As time passes by, I become convinced that Magento is very similar to Julius Caesar in its quest to conquer the world. Turned out, this famous Roman emperor took up the reins mostly of European terrains, but Magento, it seems, cherishes plans to gain the whole planet.

When a high popularity of Magento in Europe and both American continents is no longer questioned, Asia is still perceived as a tidbit by rival eCommerce platforms. It’s especially true for a tech tycoon Japan.

Common understanding of Magento state in the Land of the Rising Sun is vague. If you also wonder what’s going on in Japanese Magento market, meet Hirokazu Nishi for a brief talk. Currently he works as CTO at Celtic Corporation (which appears to be aheadWorks Official Partner!) and is in charge of Magento Meetup Tokyo organization.

Hirokazu Nishi

Hirokazu, you provide Magento technical support and extension development service in Japan. How did you get interested in Magento in the first place?

H.N.: At the end of September 2007 I found the article about a new eCommerce software. It was an early version of Magento and I felt it would become a great platform. Then I started using Magento.

Our Recently Certified Magento Plus and Zend PHP 5.3 Developers Warn: the Devil Is in the Details!

We are hardly billionaires here, but we definitely know how to grow the company to a well-to-do business: hire the team of professionals and cultivate their desire to master skills and jump higher. Eventually, it pays.

Let’s give salutations to our developers, Ilia Sokolov, Sergey Ostapchik, Michael Valushko, for achieving the statuses of Magento Certified Developer Plus and Zend PHP 5.3 Certified Engineers!

aheadWorks certified developers
Starting from the left are Ilia, Sergey and Michael

I believe there are a bunch of developers among our readers who are also pursuing the goal of becoming certified Magento or Zend PHP engineers. That’s what our guys have to say them about the certification process and how useful certificates might be.

To the Rescue of Your Physical Offline Shops: Use Store Locator to Highlight Them

We officially announce that Store Locator is no longer in the pre-order status and the extension is available in our store and ready to be used.

This module is a truly must-have solution for merchants operating brick and mortar shops alongside with a Magento-based store. If you are this lucky businessman, you certainly know what gives folks a real pain – the locations of your physical stores hidden deep among neighboring buildings. And while you are thinking over shrewd marketing moves to hit your customers with, they literally get lost on the way to you.

Store Locator

The result wouldn’t be the same if customers saw the map of the area with your stores on it. Many merchants approached us with requests to develop such an extension and we promised them to figure it out. So said, so done.

Today is the day when the Store Locator extension finally appears in our virtual stock to help your clients find the nearest stores with your products. Display your locations on the map and inform customers about places where your offline shops are positioned.

Here is the list of the extension features:

  • Quick store location defining
  • Ability to use Google Maps API Key
  • Map and Satellite views are supported
  • Add URL to the Top Magento Links
  • User-friendly URL of the store locations page
  • Use static block on the store locations page
  • Prioritize store locations
  • Store location images
  • Define description of any location
  • Multistore support

Not sure what some of these features mean? Visit the product page of the extension – read full description, view screenshots and play with the frontend and backend demos there.

Collect Data about Your Registered Clients with Customer Attributes

Customer Attributes
Learn More
We are happy to inform you about the Customer Attributes release! The extension is officially available in our store, so you can order it right now to start gathering additional info about your visitors and their preferences.

Customer Attributes give merchants the ability to extend the number of fields on customer registration and personal account pages to have the additional info about clients at their disposal.

Here are some of the key extension features:

▪ Customer attributes on the registration form or in the customer account area
▪ Unlimited number of attributes
▪ Various attributes types support
▪ Ability to make attributes fields mandatory
▪ Option to filter customers by attributes
▪ Easy customer attributes management

You can find the full list of Customer Attributes features on the extension page. Feel free to play with this module in our demo store.

OnPulse Update: Сhoose Order Statuses to Be Displayed in Statistics


Hi, our dear OnPulse users! There are over 7.5K (!) of you who downloaded the extension and took advantage of store statistics on mobile gadgets.

Just a quick reminder for newbies: a free exclusive web-based service OnPulse allows merchants to view their store sales statistics right from any iOS/Android mobile device when they don’t have accesses to PC.

You leave your feedback for OnPulse at and we keep the promise – we implement the most requested functionality you are actively voting for.

As a result of the first public voting round, today we announce the release of the feature letting merchants choose order statuses to be displayed in statistics. From now, you can instantly view completed, on hold, new, pending, processing, and other types of orders on the go right on your mobile screen.

Order statuses in statistics

According to user wishes, bestsellers report feature is also at a premium. And you know what? Ability to browse through bestsellers will be delivered in the next update!

Continue building a mobile administration service of your dream! Add and evaluate new ideas for OnPulse here and high-ranked ones will be applied.

Why is OnPulse worth giving a try?

  • Free of charge
  • Installation in 5 minutes
  • No registration required
  • Works with all Magento webstores

Enjoy store statistics displayed in your smartphone or tablet and get back to us with your comments.

aheadWorks Levels up to Magento Platinum Industry Partner

Platinum Partnership

Cheers to aheadWorks team for making a big step forward and embracing the highest possible level of commitment with Platinum Industry Partner status!

This transition to a new partnership level is anticipated since at present more than 25,000 Magento merchants and 40+ official partners in 100 countries are using our high-grade extensions and themes.

‘Platinum Partnership means a lot to us. It acknowledges our expertise in Magento extensions and themes development and provides guarantees that our customer service is top notch. We participate in almost every Magento event and are always ready to support big and small related happenings.

It was a long way to go to become leading players in Magento universe and it looks like we made it‘, – Artyom Rabzonov, the CEO at aheadWorks, states.

Do not forget that aheadWorks takes part in the Imagine eCommerce Conference 2013. If you are in Las Vegas, make sure to stop by our booth #54! Here is the Marketplace plan for you to spot us.

aheadWorks booth at Imagine

Follow aheadWorks on Twitter and be the first to get the hottest Imagine news from Matt and Artyom.

aheadMetrics with Real-Time Store Analytics Is Open to the Public. Give It a Try!

Good news: today our new aheadMetrics service goes live! Many of you have already bombarded us with requests to develop easy to use comprehensive analytics tool for online stores. And we did it.

aheadMetrics, currently in beta version, will give you all-round analytics of eCommerce stores real-time with sales, customers and products data measurable in any dimensions.


In most cases you don’t need numerous reports with excessive statistics that many services offer. As a contrast, aheadMetrics is focused on in-depth sales, customers, orders and other related data.

Take a look at your sales in general or analyze them by a certain period of time, by country or by customer, get updated on your bestsellers, observe products in users’ wishlists, monitor order statuses and never lose track of how well (in terms of $) your business is doing. View all aheadMetrics features.


We charge nothing for aheadMetrics. Start using the service and collect reports indicating your profit rates by moving to aheadMetrics website and creating your account in a couple of minutes.

Browse through aheadMetrics features, try it for your webstore and get back to us with your opinion. Leave your feedback at, it will be greatly appreciated!

Customer Attributes Extension Is Available for Pre-order! Save 25% off the price until April, 12

‘Customers come and go’ – you have to take this simple piece of business wisdom for granted. In between coming and going they can register on your website and leave invaluable bits of private information that help you identify their traits. We want to assist you in collecting as much user data as possible and for this purpose we deliver the Customer Attributes extension.

Customer Attributes

Customer Attributes give merchants the ability to extend the number of fields on customer registration and personal account pages to have the additional info about clients at their disposal.

Save 25% on the extension from now through Friday, April 12! Pre-order Customer Attributes before its official release (a week from today) and pay $75 instead of $101.

We made it extremely easy to deal with Customer Attributes: no headache expected while installing and configuring the extension. The set of clearly defined features allows this extension to stand out among others of its kind.

aheadWorks Giveaway: Two Free Tickets to Bargento São Paulo

While the whole Magento world is expecting Bargento São Paulo 2013 to be held on April 9, we got two free tickets for the event from its organizers! We want to give them away to someone who is checking our blog regularly and rather active at the same time. Here are 3 simple steps you need to perform:

1. Apply for free tickets here.
2. Enter your Email, Name and Twitter ID
3. Click “Enter Contest” and share the suggested tweet

When the contest is over on Friday, the system then will automatically choose two lucky devils and they’ll get 100% discount coupon codes from aheadWorks for Bargento São Paulo 2013.

Good luck to you!

The contest is over.

Heading to the Imagine Conference? Join Las Vegas City Tour with aheadWorks for Free

The biggest Magento event of the year, the Imagine eCommerce Conference, is almost around the corner and aheadWorks team is already packing its suitcases to fly to Las Vegas shortly. This time the third annual Imagine conference will be held in Las Vegas on April 8-10.

Being a Silver Sponsor of the event, we would like to offer you SOMETHING SPECIAL if you are also moving to Las Vegas to participate in the Imagine.

Join Las Vegas City Tour with aheadWorks on April 7 (Sunday) for free to get acquainted with this sin city full of temptation. To hop on a bus with us and make a short trip through all main attractions of Vegas, just REGISTER HERE with your Facebook account or by email and let’s have fun together before the main happening will take place next day.

The number of seats is limited, so be sure to register as soon as you see this announcement!

For all other participants: here are 4 big reasons for you to find aheadWorks booth in the exhibition hall and come talk to us.

  1. Claim the Certificate of your Imagine eCommerce Conference Attendance
  2. Get free tickets to Las Vegas Tour with aheadWorks on April 9 if you missed the first trip on April 7
  3. Learn about best deals and obtain discounts for all products in our store
  4. Find out aheadWorks Partnership Program benefits

aheadWorks team

I strongly recommend you to memorize these two smart, decent looking guys. You will get private coupon codes along with their business cards if you talk to them in person. Make appointment with them beforehand by dropping informal emails to the following addresses.

Artyom, Chief Executive

Matt, Chief Marketing

See you there! Do not hesitate to initiate dialogue with us anytime you meet our team at the Imagine, next to our booth or somewhere in the crowd. We’ve prepared for you much more. 😉

Looking for A Specific Magento Extension? Use Advisor for Magento Merchants and Get Help from Experienced Vendors

Remember, last week we dropped a hint for you to expect something special? And we keep our word! Today we are revealing a promising project – Advisor for Magento Merchants – where merchants ask for some particular Magento extensions and vendors are here to supply them with various relevant references.

Magento Advisor

Currently, Magento communication is facilitated on several websites mostly containing development-oriented Magento questions asked largely by programmers and answered by them. But merchants are often left alone with their queries; they feel lost in the waves of immense Magento extensions ocean or are not sure whether this or that functionality of their interest exists at all. We no longer allow this to happen.

How does Advisor for Magento Merchants work?

Merchants describe their cases, specify extensions they are looking for and later review modules that vendors have to offer them.

How to ask questions?

To submit a query, no registration is needed. Merchants just fill out the Ask Form, and the question instantly goes live. It’s easy as that. From this moment, no other actions are expected from merchants – all registered users will be notified about a new question and, we believe, hurry up to provide their solutions if they have ones.

Advisor Ask Form


How to add answers?

Only registered users are able to submit answers. For that purpose, they sign up for Advisor and wait for their account activation. After this being done, they take advantage of Advisor at full swing – raise questions and leave comments with text info and hyperlinks. Besides, all registered members receive notifications about new questions as soon as they show up.

Magento Advisor Answer Form

Are you a merchant who needs help from vendors in choosing the right extension? Visit Advisor for Magento Merchants, leave your query and just wait for the answer to come.

Are you a vendor who is eager to assist merchants in their search quest? Contact me at to request free Advisor registration in order to leave answers to questions instantly.

Use Advisor for Magento Merchants anytime you feel concerned about Magento modules and let vendors from all over the world rush to help you.