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24 Ideas How to Conduct Efficient Email A/B Testing

A well-thought-out email strategy helps businesses to notably increase conversion rates, especially during the holidays when the demand for particular products is considerably higher than usually.

24 Ideas How to Conduct Efficient Email A/B Testing

But how can you know what emails can produce the desired effect on customers and encourage them to make a purchase? Only by experimenting with different variants of letters! In this article, we will give you some tips on how to organize an effective email campaign through A/B testing (or split testing) of emails.

Email A/B Testing

If you are running a Magento 2 web store and need to test different versions of emails, a smart choice here is to use the recently updated Follow Up Email Extension 2.0. The solution provides the A/B Testing Mode, which can be enabled on the Edit Email page in the Magento 2 Admin Panel.

6 Non-price Methods of Sales Promotions: Pros and Cons

In the first part of our article on efficient promotion methods, we discussed the price-based tactics of sales promotions.

Non-price Methods of Sales Promotions: Pros and Cons

One should say that these methods are effective only in the short run. In contrast, non-pricing methods can bring a long-lasting positive effect. So, let’s consider those approaches and find out what are the main pros and cons of each of them.


This method refers to free distribution of product samples. Traditional channels of the sample distribution are the following:

  • magazines with samples attached to advertisings;
  • mini-samples attached to related products (for example, washing powder comes with a test bottle of conditioner);
  • hand to hand distribution in public places.

6 Price-based Sales Promotion Methods: Pros and Cons

Convincing a buyer to make a purchase is not an easy task.

Before buying something, people compare different options. For some consumers, the price is important, others pay attention to the quality, and someone wants to buy goods provided with additional services. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully choose certain sales promotion methods depending on your business goals.

Price-based Sales Promotions: Pros and Cons

Sales promotion are reasonable to:

  • to mitigate losses during low seasons;
  • to attract attention to a company on some occasions (events);
  • to counteract competitors’ activities;
  • to encourage and motivate consumers.

The main goal of sales promotions is to make a buyer act immediately. In this article, we’ll describe the most effective pricing methods and consider their main pros and cons. The information will help you outline the methods to use when planning promotional activities. So, let’s start.

“Loss leader”

This method implies selling a product at a deliberately low price. As a rule, this price is lower than the market cost of a product, which is done for the purpose of advertising. By using this method, vendors expect customers to buy other products with high margins able to compensate losses and reach the general profitability benchmark.

17 E-Commerce KPIs or How to Manage an Online Store to Make Profits

To achieve success in the e-commerce field one should be guided by such inviolable rules of trade as the measurement of key performance indicators (KPIs).

Simply put, measure everything that can be measured and you will eventually understand the indicators influencing capital formation and be able to correct them in time.

17 E-Commerce KPIs or How to Manage an Online Store to Make Profits

There is a huge number of indicators that can be analyzed and taken into account when developing a business strategy or when assessing its economic components. Which of them should be prioritized is up to you, but you need to learn key positions by heart for building successful sales.

In this article, we will talk about how to properly monitor the effectiveness of e-commerce sales.

The Future of Voice Technologies to Increase Online Sales

Internet business development is based on huge data streams, so the result of any online business performance depends on the ability to work with them. In this context, artificial intelligence (AI) is not only the present of internet trade but also its promising future.

Today, marketers, internet sellers, and distributors are already starting to use personal assistants, chatbots, automated merchandising and retargeting systems – but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Future of Voice Technologies to Increase Online Sales

Modern AI technologies do not just impartially analyze big data, they literally carefully study a user. The issues of focus are the interests of a buyer, the history of purchases, their frequency, views and preferences, buying behavior, etc. This is a real breakthrough for e-commerce field, which opens a completely new opportunity – to predict a purchase and begin the process of selling goods beforehand.

Voice Assistants

When it comes to speech recognition, most people, first of all, want to implement two widespread solutions: automatically turn a spoken language into a text and communicate with an automatic translator. Fortunately, both are possible thanks to voice assistants from Google, Amazon, and others.

Ecommerce Data Aggregators Transform the Landscape

The most obvious ecommerce trend is that online sales grow and obtain all the characteristics of the global digital market, including indispensable involvement of big data, data exchange and standardization.

Ecommerce Data Aggregators Transform the Landscape

Successful ecommerce becomes too complicated to be build individually. The rising competition makes merchants engage third party services like data aggregators enhancing different aspects of the sales process, including product pages and reviews, sales statistics, etc. Below we’ll highlight some services proved to be ready to add more value and insight to any online store and for any seller.

Cashless Economy. Is It Near?

The idea of cashless society appeared in 1990s, when non-cash payments became popular in everyday life. As a result, some economists developed a theory of an absolutely cashless economy without paper money used for transactions or savings.

Cashless Economy Arrives

Since then, the amount of digital transactions raised manifold in the whole world, still none of the countries was able to completely remove cash from use. The number of non-cash transactions in the whole amount of payments made by citizens of a country shows how close it is to be able to negate cash totally.

Cashless Economy. Is It Near?

According to, the Scandinavian and North European countries have already passed most of the way. Here are the counties with the biggest share of non-cash payments out of all consumer transactions value:

  • Belgium – 93%;
  • France – 92%;
  • Canada – 90%;
  • United Kingdom – 89%;
  • Sweden – 89%;
  • Australia – 86%;
  • Netherlands – 85%.

Chatbots in Ecommerce

Ecommerce chatbots are gaining popularity and considered to replace humans in the area of shopping consulting just in several years supposedly.

There are two reasons for this phenomenon, economic and technological. The chance to build and implement human-like digital consultants appeared with the development of the corresponding technology and the process of users migration from applications to messengers.

Chatbots in Ecommerce

The messenger format of communication gave rise to the idea of chatbots and later their factual appearance. With the development of technologies chatbots will become smarter and be able to provide high-level consulting and selling services.

The second reason is a trivial opportunity to save on salaries and offer customers the 24/7 service format. And one more thing, chatbots are much simpler than applications and cost less, much less.


How Predictive Analytics Can Change Your Online Business

Prescriptive and predictive analytics are among the advanced ecommerce trends of this year and turned to be widely used by online stores as well.

How Predictive Analytics Can Change Your Online Business

The number of engaged users and dedicated software applications increased manyfold in recent years. So, what is the reason for this tide?

Types of Data Analysis

There are three most common types of data analytics different by goals and approaches. Here the are: Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive analytics. To be precise, they are subsequent stages of the same analytical process aiming to find the best ways to generate more leads and higher profits, find more potential prospects, and the best circumstances for prolific sales.

Coding Basics: “3 Magento 2 Extensions by Aheadworks We Use to Improve SEO”

We would never be able to spread the word about our products so efficiently and make our extensions so popular among the end users without our multiple loyal partners.

Coding Basics: “3 Magento 2 Extensions by Aheadworks We Use to Improve SEO”

Despite the strong competition among the Magento extension providers most of our partners remain committed to our products and sincerely consider them the best alternatives for their custom projects. Most of them have their own prefered solutions for different goals and areas of their clients’ Magento stores.

Today we’d like to share one more opinion on our modules provided by our authorized partner Coding Basics regarding possible SEO enhancements on Magento 2.

10 Components of Convincing Abandoned Cart Emails

Each time we want to achieve something we set a goal and it’s absolutely necessary to have it as detailed and clear as possible.

It may sound a bit surprising, but often people have no clear ideas before they start accomplishing a task and that’s usually the main reason they fail. The thing is that a goal is not always the desired result. I mean, if you’d like to sledge down the mountain you need to move the sled most effectively. So, the result you need is pleasure and the goal is to push the sled down.
10 Components of Convincing Abandoned Cart Emails
It’s a simple task, but if we have a multi-factor environment the search of that ‘real’ goal may become truly difficult.

Abandoned cart emails is an example of that real life situation, when the result depends on multiple success components. So, if the final result requires to run several subsequent or simultaneous processes, it also demands to set up a number of intermediate and resulting goals.

Why Do Customers Abandon Carts

There is a million of reasons why customers abandon their carts, and we should consider them all. Of course, it’s impossible to remove each of them, still you can try to handle them in the most effective manner as far as usually they arise from only few issues.

Magento is Great for B2B Ecommerce

Ecommerce is an extremely changing environment and it constantly involves new industries and embraces new selling patterns and forms.

Started with online commercial documentation exchanges now ecommerce seems to be able to provide a sterling shopping experience for any commercial sphere, including B2B.

Magento B2B Ecommerce Platform

B2B Ecommerce

Although B2B is quite new in online sales its perspectives are estimated to be very promising. According to Forrester*, in 2019 the B2B ecommerce market is going to worth twice as much as the B2C one with the sales volume of $1.1 Trillion against $480 Billion.

The reasons shaping that booming growth are quite trivial and result from the aspiration of B2B buyers to save time and efforts. Just now, 74% of them discover half or more of their business purchases online before buying and 30% actually buy products there. But, this share is going to almost double in 2017 up to 56% making B2B sellers to struggle for that coveted prize*.

Since the competition in the B2B ecommerce segment becomes tough online store owners are ready to provide here only perfect shopping experience, comparable to the B2C segment. But, as far as B2B requires significantly different functionality, more complicated in most cases, the first coming question is to choose the best platform able to pave a highway from catalog to checkout perfectly suitable for B2B customers.

The Post Holiday Season and How to Make the Best of It

At the end of each year we look forward to the holiday season and chase away the thoughts about the post-holiday period obstinately. However, it always comes regardless of our fears and pleas.

The Post Holiday Season and How to Make the Best of It

We are accustomed to consider this period as an inevitable payoff for the holiday sales boom and strive to find the ways to mitigate and shorten its negative consequences. So, what is the way to turn the After Holiday Season to good account and retain sales or at least avoid any sufficient stress for your online business?

FAQ Pages: Benefits and Tips

The way to provide information in the FAQ format is ancient, e.g. Plato’s dialogues date back to fourth century BCE.

Going through that long period of existence FAQ sections are currently widespread on different websites and their popularity is not unreasonable.

FAQ Pages: Benefits and Tips

FAQ Benefits

This communication tool is able to talk, persuade, explain, save time, save efforts, build relations and sell. Sounds too good? Not at all. The benefits of FAQ pages are numerous and worth to take care about on your Magento web store.

Time Savings

Most perspectives and customers care about similar or even the same things and need only straight answers. The way to manage them individually is extremely inefficient and time consuming for your customer service team. It’s much wiser to answer them on FAQ pages and avoid unnecessary calls and conversations.

Aheadworks Extensions Fit Any Online Business

We continue the series of blog posts revealing the ways how different online stores take advantage of the Aheadworks Magento extensions.

This overview covers lightning, perfume and even hunting equipment online sellers. All the projects are are presented, developed and supported by our partner 121eCommerce.


Every Successful Relationship is Built on Frequent and Clear Communication

“We focus on creating and maintaining a relationship with our clients where we can leverage our experience and expertise to create ongoing value for both new and existing sites. We have found that this level of communication enables us to provide guidance and support for our client’s eCommerce initiatives and provide support for Development, Business Analysis, Client Management, UI & UX”

On average, the projects below use 3-7 Aheadworks extensions with a set of versatile functionality capabilities relevant to their particular business needs.

Lights Online

This company’s origin is a family-owned business with a 50-year history that started in 2009. The online store is based on Magento and includes 3 backend and 4 frontend related Aheadworks extensions.