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Help Desk Ultimate 1.2 Offers Store Owners to Migrate Tickets to Magento 2

Professional customer service is of exceptional importance for any online store. That’s why we continue developing and improving the functionality of our Help Desk Ultimate extension for Magento 2 to make it more useful and valuable.

Help Desk Ultimate 1.2 Offers Store Owners to Migrate Tickets to Magento 2


The current update of the Help Desk Ultimate extension for Magento 2 contains two main enhancements long-awaited by most of our customers.

Help Desk Ultimate 1.2

Department Restrictions

Some help desk departments may deal with quite sensitive data that needs to be kept in secret or may have access limitations at least. In this case, store owners need to differentiate permissions of certain Magento admins for those departments and that’s exactly what the new feature offers.

Latest Aheadworks Updates: March 2017

We usually strive to highlight all the updates of our extensions. However, sometimes one-featured enhancements are not described in individual blog posts, though quite often they are the long-expected features requested by many of our customers.

Latest Aheadworks Updates: March 2017

So, today we’d like to draw your attention to that kind of updates you possibly missed in the heavy flow of information you get on a daily basis. Please look through the provided below functions as they can be the things you’ve been waiting for some time.

Magento 2 Extensions

The Subscription & Recurring Payments extension for Magento 2Subscription & Recurring Payments 1.2 Support is one of the most popular global payment gateways and it’s just good for product subscriptions. Now your customers are able to use it for their subscriptions and automatic recurring payments.

Stripe Support
Stripe is also widely spread on the globe and used by multiple users. Starting from the 1.2 version, the Subscription & Recurring Payments extension supports this payment gateway as well. In total, the module currently supports three payment systems: PayPal,, and Stripe.

Advanced Reports 2.3 for Magento 2: Data Comparison and Segmentation

Have you already updated and tried out the latest version of the Advanced Reports extension for Magento 2 released two weeks ago? Well, if not, today you have a great chance to get even more useful features with Advanced Reports 2.3.

Advanced Reports 2.3 for Magento 2: Data Comparison and Segmentation

This update includes two more demanded features applied to almost all the reports of the extension.

The Advanced Reports extension for Magento 2Advanced Reports 2.3

Data Comparisons

You’ll certainly agree that retrospective analyses are not visual and demonstrative enough without the comparison functionality. Advanced Reports 2.3 gets rid of this shortage and provides you with the intuitive and convenient ‘Compare to’ block added to the extension’s calendar.

Reward Points 1.1 for Magento 2: Easy Point-related Refunds and Advanced Email Notifications

In accordance with the ecommerce etiquette, rewards points are a compulsory element of any online store.

Not only made to observe traditions reward points are able to motivate additional sales and even take part in transactional processes, including refunds. The next version of our Reward Points extension for Magento 2 allows you that thing and even more to make rewarding closely intertwined with the sales mechanism.

Reward Points 1.1 for Magento 2: Easy Point-related Refunds and Advanced Email Notifications

Today we present you Reward Points 1.1 that received a lot of enhancements that significantly extended its scope of competence.

Reward Points 1.1 for Magento 2

The Reward Points extension for Magento 2Refunds with Points

This function is extremely valuable for any digital store as it brings two obvious advantages. First of all, it allows you to get rid of unwanted money transfers often entailing additional costs. The second and, possibly, more advantageous benefit is that you can retain customers this way and get more sales.

If the setting option ‘Refund to Reward Points Automatically’ is enabled each new credit memo page appears with the Refund to Reward Points checkbox. The box is checked and prefilled by default, so you have nothing to do, if reward point based refunds are usual in your store. Still, traditional refunds are also possible, if you uncheck the box before you save the related credit memo.

10 Components of Convincing Abandoned Cart Emails

Each time we want to achieve something we set a goal and it’s absolutely necessary to have it as detailed and clear as possible.

It may sound a bit surprising, but often people have no clear ideas before they start accomplishing a task and that’s usually the main reason they fail. The thing is that a goal is not always the desired result. I mean, if you’d like to sledge down the mountain you need to move the sled most effectively. So, the result you need is pleasure and the goal is to push the sled down.
10 Components of Convincing Abandoned Cart Emails
It’s a simple task, but if we have a multi-factor environment the search of that ‘real’ goal may become truly difficult.

Abandoned cart emails is an example of that real life situation, when the result depends on multiple success components. So, if the final result requires to run several subsequent or simultaneous processes, it also demands to set up a number of intermediate and resulting goals.

Why Do Customers Abandon Carts

There is a million of reasons why customers abandon their carts, and we should consider them all. Of course, it’s impossible to remove each of them, still you can try to handle them in the most effective manner as far as usually they arise from only few issues.

Advanced Reports 2.2 for Magento 2: Track Your Traffic and Conversions

As far as our ultimate goal is to provide customers with an excellent reporting solution for Magento 2, we continue improving our Advanced Reports extension and ready to present you its next round version.

Advanced Reports 2.2 for Magento 2: Track Your Traffic and Conversions

Advanced Reports 2.2

The next enhancement we are ready to show is the Traffic and Conversions report. The connection between traffic and sales is extremely important for merchants since it displays the efficiency of a particular business linking remote stages of the sales funnel.

In fact, conversion rates show direct dependence between traffic acquisition and purchases in your store. The rates allow you to evaluate the ultimate quality of the obtained traffic and determine the efficiency of your store in terms of sales.

Layered Navigation for Magento 2 Obtains Shop by Brand Functionality

High quality search and navigation are among the most demanded online shopping features providing customers with great purchasing experience and making them shop willingly.

Layered Navigation for Magento 2 Obtains the Shop by Brand Functionality

Advanced and powerful layered navigation functionality for Magento 2 stores is a must-have product filtering opportunity that allows buyers to find items quickly and intuitively. And, shop by brand features incorporated into layered navigation make it even more beneficial and convenient for any customer.

Layered Navigation and Shop By Functionalities Mutual Advantages

Selling products like brands is especially advantageous for the retailers with multi-brand collections that consist of fashion and luxury products, watches, furniture, sporting goods, etc. So, it’s a wide and crowded segment of the stores based on Magento 2.

The chance to filter brands using layered navigation is a double advantage for such stores, since their customers are able to look for the items from their favorite brands on catalog pages and beneficially utilize layered navigation opportunities on brand pages with numerous products.