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Advanced Reports 2.4 Displays Sales Locations and Tracks Abandoned Carts

We always admire to see how our Magento 2 products become more functional and valuable for customers from one update to another and forward.

Advanced Reports 2.4 Locates Sales and Tracks Abandoned Carts

But, we are especially glad to witness how the Advanced Reports for Magento 2 becomes a truly sophisticated and complex reporting solution that suits almost any type of business or ecommerce task. So, today we present you the next update of this extension and its two new reports.

Advanced Reports 2.4

Sales by Location Report

The opportunity to divide sales by locations is especially useful for international stores. The Sales by Location report displays numerous order parameters by countries, states, cities, etc. Let me show you how it works.

Blog 2.2 Helps You to Move from WordPress

Customers love useful and engaging content, perhaps only just a bit less than high quality products at affordable prices.

And, if you decided to create some good narratives about your bestselling products, this content will succeed in any circumstances.

Blog 2.2 Helps You to Move from WordPress
So, for those content geeks that prefer direct talks to their customers we are putting Blog 2.2 in the spotlight.

Blog 2.2

Import WordPress Posts to Magento 2

Each store owner, including the ones using Magento, use to take good care of their content marketing as far as it directly influences SEO rankings, customer loyalty and engagement. If a merchant already has an official blog based on WordPress, for example, he might be interested to transfer it to Magento. Why? The reasons can be multiple, including smooth functional and promotional integrations, code and development process unifications, and so on.

Reward Points 1.3 Becomes a Universal Rewarding Tool

The points generated and managed by the Reward Points extension for Magento 2 are used in different sales-related processes.

Reward Points 1.3 Becomes a Universal Rewarding Tool

Last time we highlighted the functionality that processes Magento store refunds with points, including refunding to points, returns of spent points for refunded orders or point withdrawals earned for subsequently refunded purchases. Still, the sales processed by Magento 2 stores may involve even more aspects affecting reward points, e.g. taxes and shipping.

Reward Points 1.3 for Magento 2

The Reward Points extension for Magento 2For example, the EU tax regulation requires online sellers to apply points after taxes, so that the whole order total is considered in calculations. Besides, shipping amounts for remote destinations may constitute an essential part of a purchase and naturally should be rewarded or allowed to be paid with points as well.

So, Reward Points 1.3 provides both the mentioned opportunities as a result of the corresponding extension configuration.

Layered Navigation 1.5 for Magento 2 Focuses on SEO

Regular updates of our priority extensions are just common for our current development track and here comes the next update of the Layered Navigation extension for Magento 2.

Layered Navigation 1.5 for Magento 2 Focuses on SEO

Layered Navigation 1.5 for Magento 2

Active Filters at the Top of Page

Layered navigation sidebars of the stores with multiple product attributes and attribute values may be quite long so that it becomes inconvenient for customers to recall all the applied filters. They need to scroll down the whole bar and usually as soon as a customer reaches bottom filters he forgets the previous way completely.

Active Filters at the Top of Page

Active Filters at the Top of Page

The newly added feature displays all active filters at the top of the layered navigation results page just above the block of selected products. Thus, customers are able to see them all in one place and manage them conveniently. They can disable either selected or all filters in just one click. For their convenience, filters are shown in the order they appear in sidebars from top to bottom.

SEO-related Features

The next feature, or rather a set of features, is related to SEO-oriented improvements of the extension. Layered Navigation creates multiple quite similar pages able either to grab additional traffic or harm website rankings without proper configuration.

Starting from the current version, the extension is provided with the ‘SEO’ configuration field set located in the Configuration section. It contains multiple configuration options, so let’s take a look at them from the very beginning.

Help Desk Ultimate 1.2 Offers Store Owners to Migrate Tickets to Magento 2

Professional customer service is of exceptional importance for any online store. That’s why we continue developing and improving the functionality of our Help Desk Ultimate extension for Magento 2 to make it more useful and valuable.

Help Desk Ultimate 1.2 Offers Store Owners to Migrate Tickets to Magento 2


The current update of the Help Desk Ultimate extension for Magento 2 contains two main enhancements long-awaited by most of our customers.

Help Desk Ultimate 1.2

Department Restrictions

Some help desk departments may deal with quite sensitive data that needs to be kept in secret or may have access limitations at least. In this case, store owners need to differentiate permissions of certain Magento admins for those departments and that’s exactly what the new feature offers.

Latest Aheadworks Updates: March 2017

We usually strive to highlight all the updates of our extensions. However, sometimes one-featured enhancements are not described in individual blog posts, though quite often they are the long-expected features requested by many of our customers.

Latest Aheadworks Updates: March 2017

So, today we’d like to draw your attention to that kind of updates you possibly missed in the heavy flow of information you get on a daily basis. Please look through the provided below functions as they can be the things you’ve been waiting for some time.

Magento 2 Extensions

The Subscription & Recurring Payments extension for Magento 2Subscription & Recurring Payments 1.2 Support is one of the most popular global payment gateways and it’s just good for product subscriptions. Now your customers are able to use it for their subscriptions and automatic recurring payments.

Stripe Support
Stripe is also widely spread on the globe and used by multiple users. Starting from the 1.2 version, the Subscription & Recurring Payments extension supports this payment gateway as well. In total, the module currently supports three payment systems: PayPal,, and Stripe.

Advanced Reports 2.3 for Magento 2: Data Comparison and Segmentation

Have you already updated and tried out the latest version of the Advanced Reports extension for Magento 2 released two weeks ago? Well, if not, today you have a great chance to get even more useful features with Advanced Reports 2.3.

Advanced Reports 2.3 for Magento 2: Data Comparison and Segmentation

This update includes two more demanded features applied to almost all the reports of the extension.

The Advanced Reports extension for Magento 2Advanced Reports 2.3

Data Comparisons

You’ll certainly agree that retrospective analyses are not visual and demonstrative enough without the comparison functionality. Advanced Reports 2.3 gets rid of this shortage and provides you with the intuitive and convenient ‘Compare to’ block added to the extension’s calendar.