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Advanced Reports 2.1 for Magento 2 Calculates Profits and Margins

Advanced Reports for Magento 2 is one of our priority extensions that are going to come through numerous advantageous updates in 2017 and the next renovation didn’t take long.

Advanced Reports 2.1 for Magento 2 Calculates Profits and Margins

Just a few weeks ago we announced Advanced Reports 2.0 while the next version of the extension is already here. It brings one more brand-new report and an extremely valuable feature for any profit-based businesses.

The Advanced Reports Extension for Magento 2Advanced Reports 2.1

Sales by Product Attributes Report

The new Sales by Product Attributes report allows you to generate reports and track sales by product attributes or attribute combinations. Traditionally the report contains two areas: a chart and a grid.

The chart displays the volume of sales for the products filtered by certain attributes through the selected period of time. It makes obvious sales patterns and allows you to correlate ups and downs in sales with some promotional, advertising, and other events.

Advanced Reports 2.0 for Magento 2: Data for Ideas and Results

Advanced Reports 2.0 for Magento 2 is the first major product update in 2017.

Scheduled a while ago it is coming just at the right time you could evaluate the results of holiday sales and make informed decisions for the next year.

Advanced Reports 2.0 for Magento 2: Data for Ideas and Results

Advanced Reports 2.0 for Magento 2

New Sales Detailed Report

Possibly the biggest enhancement provided by the current update is the new Sales Detailed Report. The report intends to reveal all significant aspects of sales in one grid, including product names and SKUs, multiple customer and order attributes, versatile totals and so on. Altogether the Sales Detailed grid may contain 30+ columns available for filtering and sorting. Magento admins are able to customize the view of the grid with the columns they need and disable unnecessary sales attributes.

This report may contain either all orders or the orders without refunded items. The last option is more accurate in terms of the net cash flow, but if you need to determine the whole sales volume, you should switch on the Include Refunded Items radio button in the Report Settings section.

Sales Detailed Report

Sales Detailed Report

The Sales Detailed Report is especially useful for data mining as far as it allows you to find links and discover hidden relations between any aspects of sales even if they seem to be free of any dependence.

More November Extension Updates

Now, when the holiday bustle is gaining momentum and all online stores, including Aheadworks, offer unique discounts, customers need to find out the best products out there.

More November Extension Updates

We thought that it’s going to be beneficial for you to walk thru the latest extension updates and new features in order to choose the functionality you possibly need and take advantage of the lowest prices.

Magento 2 Extension Updates

Currently Magento 2 extensions are our main development focus, so we release and update those products at a fast pace. In addition to the already highlighted November updates and new product releases we had four large Magento 2 updates and a bunch of minor refinements.

The AJAX Cart Pro extension for Magento 2AJAX Cart Pro 1.1

Magento Native Cross-sells in Confirmation Pop-ups
This new enhancement of the success AJAX Cart Pro pop-up allows you to show native Magento cross-sell products immediately after a customer adds a certain item to his cart. Alternative products make shoppers to stay longer in your store and consider a wider range of products ensuring the best choice and purchase satisfaction.

Help Desk Ultimate 1.1 for Magento 2 Puts Elves on Proper Shelves

All our extensions are developed either to better satisfy customer needs or to make the Magento administration process more swift and efficient.

Help Desk Ultimate 1.1 for Magento 2 Puts All Elves on Proper Shelves

Help Desk Ultimate 1.1 for Magento 2 does both simultaneously. It improves the structure of Magento help desk services and allows customers to get their answers quickly.

The new version of the extension enables merchants to arrange a bunch of help desk departments and improve the quality of provided services. Departments are deeply integrated into the workflow and exploit own email gateways, automation rules, service notifications, etc.

Blog 2.0 for Magento 2 Connects Sales and Content Marketing

The Blog extension by Aheadworks proved that a full value Magento store is just impossible without an official blog section.

Blog 2.0 for Magento 2 Conneсеts Sales and Content Marketing

Blog for Magento 1 is among the most popular Magento extensions ever and today we release the next round version of its successor – Blog 2.0 for Magento 2 stores. It carries several new features and most importantly it provides you with the tool migrating your blogs from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Blog 2.0 for Magento 2Blog 2.0 New Features

Related Blog Posts and Products

Blog 2.0 provides you with a unique functionality available for only deeply integrated Magento components joining the advantages of seemingly different areas – sales and content. It allows you to display related blog posts on product pages and related products in blog posts.

Magento 2 Extension Update: Coupon Code Generator 1.1

Coupons are a well-known marketing tool and perfect sales incentive… But, why are they so cool?

Magento 2 Extension Update: Coupon Code Generator 1.1

Why Coupons

The main advantage of coupons is their universality and flexibility. Using coupons you can arrange and carry out both mass sales and selective promotions. You can either issue coupons for:

  • Markdowns – massive sales of all products in your store;
  • Loss leader sales – apply coupons to always demanded products at a loss to attract customers and build awareness;

Or you can promote a limited range of items or offer discounts to only certain customers:

  • Bundling products – “buy one, get one free” or “3 for 1 sale”, etc.
  • Provide coupons to only certain customer groups.

If used wisely, they do not destroy your profits and are able to attract more traffic and sales to your store.

The Coupon Code Generator Magento 2 extensionWhy Coupon Code Generator

All the above sales tactics and even more can be easily implemented in your Magento 2 store with the Coupon Code Generator extension. Combined with the high quality code and constant functionality development you can be sure of using a reliable and efficient sales and promotion tool.

Coupon Code Generator 1.1

As usually, new Coupon Code Generator 1.1 provides Magento 2 store owners with more valuable features and further code improvements.

Free Shipping Option for Coupons

If the existing competition makes you to constantly look for new purchase incentives, this functionality is able to help. In addition to the provided discounts or price cuts you can also provide coupon holders with the free shipping option. It increases the value of provided benefits and will ultimately convince visitors to make a purchase from you.

Layered Navigation 1.2 for Magento 2 Simplifies Difficult Choices

How to create the best shopping experience and allow customers to find the most suitable products on the go? That’s the eternal question of ecommerce and a daydream of all shoppers.

Layered Navigation 1.2 for Magento 2: Simple Difficult Choice

Trying to find it daily we have recently moved towards that advantageous solution with our Layered Navigation for Magento 2. And now, when the holiday sales season is just around the corner it seems to be even more timely.

The Layered Navigation Extension for Magento 2Layered  Navigation 1.2 for Magento 2

The latest Layered Navigation 1.2 for Magento 2 stores received one more valuable feature able to provide your customers with straightforward and convenient way to filter products by their attributes. Still, the new feature is switchable, as usually, and depends on your preferences.

New Feature

Disable “Show X Items” Pop-over

Now, you have two options to filter products with the provided layered navigation functionality. The first one (belongs to the previous version of the extension) allows customers to select all necessary product attributes and then receive the target selection. That’s quite great, if they don’t want to see the catalog page updated upon each attribute selection.

But, if your visitors prefer consistent movement to the required solution and gradually narrow down the search area, you can disable the “Show X Items” pop-over and come back to the traditional approach to filtering. However, even though you choose the second way, this functionality is AJAX-based and doesn’t involve any page reloads.